why do i always end up getting hurt?

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Why me, of all people, have to get hurt? Why do I have to fall in love so easily?



The only time I get to see him is in school. And of course I have no classes with him. But he's at the table next to mine at lunch!

"Ali" He called. I know it was him because of his voice.

"T-Toby. Hi." I grinned.

"Hey." He smiled. This was awkward..

"I'll see you at rehearsals, right?" I asked. We were both in the school production Peter Pan.

"Yeah, of course." He replied.

"Great!" More silence..

"See you there, I guess!" I say, trying to break the silence AGAIN.






We dated before. He was my first boyfriend, I was his first girlfriend. Yet, he gets made fun of. Why? His height. He's a head shorter than me. So? Well apparently that's such a big deal. It's not like we were gonna make out. He has brown hair, braces, and he's adorable. All the girls call him adorable. I may be jealous. And I may still have feelings for him..


I stand up and get lost in the mass of people throwing trash away, lost in thought of Toby..



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