Chapter 3

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Shaylie's POV

I woke up early the next day for some reason, I don't even know why. I knew Ross wouldn't be up but I texted him anyway

To: Best Friend (;

Thanks for everything last night! I didn't get a chance to thank you last night so I am now! I appreciate it! I'm sorry for screaming at you! I love you<3

I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs to get breakfast. I went downstairs and I saw Rose on her phone. I texted her:

To: Rose babe<3

Hey, you look beautiful when you wake up! Want some breakfast babe? <3

She walked into the kitchen. "Of course babe!" She laughed and so did I! After a second of laughing we stopped because we didn't want to wake up Rydel and Ratliff. "Too late!" I heard Ratliff yell into the kitchen and Rydel laughed. "Want breakfast?" I asked. "Sure, what are you making?" Ratliff smiled. "YOU'RE making your girlfriend, sister, and sister's best girl friend pancakes!" I laughed and so did Rydel and Rose. "We are going to go to the beach if you want to invite the boys and if you want to come too!" We walked upstairs as Ratliff started making pancakes. "I'll call the boys!" I screamed down the stairs. "I got Ross and Ryland, Rydel you get Rocky and Rose you get Riker!" I first called Ross but he didn't answer. I shrugged it off and then called Ryland. He said he would meet us at our house in a few minutes. "Riker will be here soon." Rose announced. "Same with Rocky" Rydel added. "Ryland said he will be here in a few minutes." I said. "What about Ross?" Rose questioned and Rydel looked worried. "He didn't answer" "I'll ask Rocky. "Rydel said. Before we knew it Rocky, Riker, and Ryland walked into the kitchen and started laughing at Ratliff who got stuck making breakfast. We walked down and heard the guys laughing and walked into the kitchen to see what was happening. "Yum Pancakes!" Rose jumped. She started blushing when she saw everyone staring at her. We sat down and ate and had the boys pack the car and then we were on our way. When we were in the car Ryland told us that Ross was still sleeping. I pulled out and texted him:

To: Best Friend (;

We are at the beach! Come join us when you wake up! (:

Almost immediately I get a text back.

From: Best Friend (;

Can't, Austin & Ally is shooting today! Asking out Laura! Wish me luck!

My face dropped but I just texted back saying "Luck"

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