I opened my eyes. What I saw scared me. I was Inside a glass tube filled with water. I look to my left and my right and there were other people trapped in glass tubes like me, just floating in the water.
There were these little mechine a attached to my body on my arms, legs and stomach that were connected to tube-like things coming from outside my tank. I tried grabbing one on my arm and pulling it out. It hurt like heck! Like I was pulling my muscle out of my arm! I had to get it out though. I kept pulling and it came out slowly trailing blood on it. I gave one final tug and it came out completely. Where it once was on my arm was a hole the size of a quarter, exposing my muscle on my forearm. I quickly put pressure on it because it was spilling lots of blood and staining the blueish water around me.

I was freaking out! Being contained like this, weird things attached to my body, it was horrible! The only though that came into my mind was, "Escape! Escape! Break free!" That is what I need to do.

I raise my arms as quickly as the liquid around me allowed and slammed the glass. It started cracking. With a spark of hope now in my mind of escape, I balled my fists together and continued to slam on the glass, making the cracks more prominent each time. My arm was still in pain and spilling blood. I have no idea what was in this 'water' around me and I don't think it helps my injure, but I didn't care! I kept on pounding the glass. I need to get out of this! I kept saying.
On my fifth slam the glass shatters and I am sucked out of the tube and onto the floor. I land on the grated floor in a puddle of water and broken glass face down.

I gasped and jolted upright. I took quick breaths and looked around frantically.

"JAY!" I heard a voice say, "JAY!" A hand grabs my arm and I looked over at the person who grabbed me. "Jay, calm down!" Prim shouted. I took deep breathes, trying to calm myself down... Prim rubbed my arm, "it's okay..." She said, "calm down..." I finally calmed down and I just looked at Prim as I was starting to relax. I sighed and rubbed my face. "Shh... It's okay. Just a nightmare..." It didn't feel like one...

"it's okay, youre safe." She said, still rubbing my arm. "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, referring to my nightmare.

I looked at her. It was just a nightmare. Nothing bad about it except that it was a nightmare. But what if it was a memory? It can't be... It seemed to crazy to be one. But if it was...?
"No. I don't want to talk about it." I didn't want to scare her.
I looked down at my hands. My eyes were broth to my forearm and I saw a red scar in the same place where I pulled that tube thing out in my dream. I gasped,

"What?" Prim asked.

"Nothing. It's nothing." I lied. I casually covered that spot with my hand.

"Oh-Kay..." Prim wasn't convinced. I'm a horrible liar. She walked over to the door, "Well, mom and I have made breakfast if you want some, I highly recommend you to eat." I felt my stomach, still thinking of that tube thing that was stuck on me and it made me queazy. I ignored my want to barf and pushes down the thought of it and stood up.

"Sure... Let's eat..."

(AN: sorry guys that this chapter was so short!! I just wanted this story to move along. Well, what did you think? Jays dream was pretty weird wasn't it? I also want to thank you for the 9 reads and one vote! Thanks so much!)

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