Chapter 17

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Len's POV

I have to find Rin, but where could she be? Where!? Please Rin , please be safe. Please.

When we couldn't find Rin dad called the police and then we kept looking. we've got to find her. We have to. She has to be safe. I feel tears coming to my eyes. I felt similar to this when Rin went missing at the mall except that then I was angry at Neru. This time I'm just really scared and really worried. I guess I'm probably angry too, I just know someone took her and as soon as I figure out who it is I'm gonna kill them. I'd kill 'em twice if I could.  

(A/N: Do you ever get that feeling when something bad happens to someone in a book and like this time you know what happened you know who took Rin and you want to tell Len so bad? You're screaming as you read like "Come on Len. This is what happened! Why can't you hear me!?" I know I want to tell Len what happened Idk if you feel the same way. Tell me if you do.)

Rin's POV

Damian dragged me into the alleyway and opened a door that I  didn't notice was there before then he threw me inside. I leaned against the opposite wall trying to stay as far away from him as possible. He came inside too and locked the door behind us. Stay strong Rin. You can do this...... there's got to be some way out other than that door. I looked all around the room trying to find some way out. The walls of the room were gray and the floor was mud colored. To my right was a bed that fit perfectly into the corner of the room and had dark blue sheets on it, to my left there was a door that lead to a small bathroom.

"What are you looking for? You won't find any way out other than this door we came in and I'm not gonna let you near this door." Damian said. He started right at me. Watching my every move.

"Now I see why I was told you were bad news." I said. I tried to make it sound like I wasn't scared but it was hard to do so. Damian laughed at what I said. I looked around one last time and he was right. There's no way out. I could lock myself in the bathroom?

"I have reasons that people would avoid me. But this isn't one of them. Kidnapping isn't my thing. I just really wanted to have you. You'll make a good toy." Damian laughed again. He makes me sick. I looked over at the bathroom door trying to see if my plan would work but it won't. The door has no handle. That means no lock.

"What are the reasons then?"

"There's a few." He said. He walked over and stood right in front of me then put his hands on the wall beside my head. I pressed my back against the wall to try and be away from him, but he only got closer. Then he kissed me. I could taste the smoke in his mouth.

"Is smoking one of the reasons?" I asked gagging.

"Yes." He laughed again. "Also, I'm a drug dealer, I've raped a few girls and I murdered someone. The police couldn't find any proof it was me so they had to let me go." This guy is crazy! I can't hide me fear anymore and it seemed to make him happy. "Don't worry I won't kill you, but I am going to play with you. I can't say I won't rape you. You are pretty skinny and beautiful so that would be lots of fun."

"Please. Please just let me go." I begged. I have no other choice but to beg now. Len, please find me.....

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