Season 1 Episode 4

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The Walking Dead

Season 1

Episode 4

You Can Die At Anytime


           Mozart’s music played silently in the distance as there were laughs down the hall. The little girl moved down towards the dining room to see what her father’s friends were talking about today. “She just ended it that quickly” said one man the girl knew as Jerry. “Well, she always flirted with me” said a gruff voice. This was the girl’s father, Kevin.

            “She flirted with me as well” said another man, a new one that had not been over for dinner. Then, the girl hid behind a vase as her mother appeared with food trays and more cigars. She walked down the hall and opened the large green door. “The main entrée” she said as there was a clatter of plates being put onto the table. “Thank you Penelope” said Kevin in an uncaring voice. The girl saw her mother frown as she started to walk out. There were latters of silverware on the plates as the men ate their dinner.

               Then, there was a cough and a clatter of plates and a clunk of Jerry falling. “He’s choking” said another man as he started to freak out. Kevin, however, punched Jerry’s back and the food came out. “PENELOPE” shouted Kevin. The girl’s mother flinched and then turned and walked to the dining room.

                  “What is this?” asked Kevin. “Are you trying to kill me business partners? Jerry almost died.” “Maybe the pig shouldn’t eat so fast” said Penelope, but she shouldn’t have. Kevin threw his hand across her face and she fell into a chair. “Not to mention” said Jerry. ‘The meat is undercooked. Your chef was far better then this creature. You should’ve stuck with him.”

                     Kevin jumped onto Penelope and started beating her. The girl cried and ran into the room. “MOMMY” she shouted as she ran in and hugged her mother. Kevin stepped off and glared at the two. “Don’t hurt her” said the girl. “She’s a fowl creature anyway, Quinn” said Jerry. Quinn’s face turned red. She grabbed a fork and was about to stab Jerry, but Kevin grabbed her arm and squeezed it. “Get out” he sneered. “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT RIGHT NOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU.”

                        Penelope stood up and dragged her crying daughter out of the room. “Go to bed honey” said Penelope as she walked off. Quinn crossed her arms and stared into the crack in the doors. “Women these days” said Jerry. “Men are far more superior” said the new man. “Tell me about it” said Kevin and he stared at the door. It was almost like he could see Quinn’s eye as he said “I’ve got to deal with two.”

(Cue Walking Dead Intro Music)


                         Anthony stared at the walkers roaming the road in front of them. “You jinxed us” repeated David. “You jinxed us and now we’re dead.” ‘We’re surrounded” said William as a walker emerged from the right and started pounding on the door. Anthony gave him the knife, rolled down the window, and allowed William to stab it. He then rolled it back up and said “We’ve got to push through.”

                          David groaned as he said “You think you’re going to push us through those walkers and we’ll live. You really are stupid Freed.” “I think we can make it” said Gwen. “We can ram through with the car and then, if we can’t get through, will kill them with the guns.”

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