No Name

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And as I glances at the mirror, I've  realized I wasn't the girl who's standing in front of me. That my reflection is never me. All i'm seeing now is a girl who keeps on crying and very weak at heart which is never happened. I used to see her before as a strong lady, enough to keep away tears. Who have been laughing all the time. But now, I must know I didn't know her. That the more I tried to hide the pain in me, the more it will grow.

And as I keep on staring at her I couldn't help but ask where these tears came from? Is it from the life she had? For being untouchable? A slave? Or from the heart, that just knew to feel? To the a man she cannot love? A prince is no ordinary, she is no ordinary, they're simmilar as it seems but very indifferent. He is a prince and she is not just a slave but an untouchable. Who have been so unworthy and no use for most. But still a love blooms between of them. She never knew it wouldn't be that hurt. She didn't even know how to love until this prince came. But also, she never think love hurts that much.

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