Chapter 1

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"Strap her."

Arms reach out to grab me, I kick and punch.

But it's no use.

They push me down and tie me onto the cold metal table.

I scream as they cut the back of my neck with a scalpel.

They take a chip and inserts it into me.

I shriek in pain, and shout.

Everything fades away into darkness...

I gasp.

"Are you okay?" Ray says beside me.

"I-I'm fine." Was that a dream? It felt so real.

I lean back on Ray's shoulder, and close my eyes.

"I found a portal in Section 108. I think it connects to a different place." He abruptly says.

"How'd you find out?" I ask.

"I found out when my friends and I went to Section 108 a few years ago. Before all this... you know." Ray says bitterly.

"So, you think we should go through there? With no knowledge about it?" I sit up.

He mimics me. "Janice, it's our only hope. We're dead if we get caught anyways, so why not try?"

"Fine, then let's go." I huff.

"Are you sure your okay though? You look a little pale." Ray looks worriedly at me.

"I'm okay, gosh, you should like my mother." I tease him.

He slightly laughs, "Well, I kind of am always having to take care of you." Ray jokes and pulls out a package.

"Some food I stole from Section 104. Fresh fruit."

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I take it and split up the portions.

The raspberries burst in mouth as I bite into them.

It's been so long since I last had any real food.

"It's good, isn't it?" Ray says.

"Yeah." I look around.

We sit on a field of grass, and the sky is clear.

It's the best weather I've ever seen.

"Which Section are we in?" I ask.

"Section 105, almost at 106. We need to go a few more days to reach 108." Ray says.

"Won't they be searching for us with hovercrafts by then?" I glance at the sky.

"Yeah, but to get to Section 108, we're going to have to risk it."

I sigh. Why did it become like this?


A few days later we reach Section 107.

"It took longer than I thought." Ray says.

"Yeah, um..." I start to say, but I wonder if it's okay to tell him?

He looks at me questioningly.

"What is it Janice?"

"I-I... it's nothing." I avert my eyes.

I walk a bit faster and try to act natural.

Ray doesn't ask me anything as we walk through the dry land.

Flashbacks fill my mind, the lab and white coats. The metal table, the hell guards.

I shudder, it was worth it. Coming here even though I knew everything was plan.

Warm arms hug me from behind, Ray cuddles me.

We stay like this for a while, feeling the warmth together.

"I'll protect you Janice."

I turn around. "Thank you, for everything Ray."

We break apart and start moving again.

After a few hours we gather food from the forest.

"I'll try to hunt down some rabbits or squirrels." I take a dagger from the bag.

"Be careful. If you hear any hovercrafts, hide immediately. I'm going to build a fire at the cave, so go over there once you finish hunting." Ray instructs.

"Okay, you be careful too." And with that we part ways.

I walk into the forest and take deep breathes.

Ray used to hunt with me but since it took long to build a camp, we started going different ways.

I feel the wind swaying the trees and raise my dagger.

From the corner of my eye, I see a movement.

I move silently and as the figure runs, I catch it's rhythm.

It stops and I throw my dagger right at it.

A squirrel, I pick it up.

I sigh, and recall a phrase.

'Predator or Prey. The world is cruel.'

I put it in my pouch and spot some edible roots.

Eletube roots! I pull them out. They have a lush purple colour, and tastes sweet.

This should be great! I walk to the cave Ray mentioned earlier.

The sun sets and the horizon is filled with red and orange light.

It feels peaceful, like nothing can disturb it.

If only this could last.


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