Never Trust a Soul

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Chapter 19


I Got a Text From Brandy When I Woke Up Around 3 Something at Kayla House .


Dre Where Are You , When Did You Leave.


I Went To Kaine House To Go Over His Agreement This Morning And Got Some Drinks imma Be Home late.


Okay Dre , I Love You.

I Looked At Her Text And Put my Phone on Kayla Nightstand She Was Sound Asleep , I Put it Down  To Hard This Time I Got Up And Kissed Her On The Forehead And Went To The Bathroom.

Me And Brandy Just Got Back From a Two Day Trip in The Bahamas She Thought it Was Vacation But it Was Really To Hire More Strippers For my Club But I Treated it Like a Vacation I Needed To Get Brandy Off My Back , Couldn't Enjoy my Time With Kayla With Brandy Texting Me Every 10 Minutes And To Come Here And Someone Spotted Me With Brandy My Wife , I Have To Be More Fucking Careful.

I Splashed The Water On My Face And Saw the Flash Light From My Phone Go Off its Either a Text Or a Missed Call I Walked To My Phone Hoping it Didn't Wake Up Kayla And Kaine Had Called Me I Went To The Bathroom And Closed The Door And Dialed His Number..


yeah Kaine this Dre , you called

yeah ! you hear about Claire?

what About her Kaine I Don't Give two fucks about her Kaine.

She Dead Dre !

DEAD ? I peaked out the door to see if I woken Kayla , she just tossed over and fell back asleep..

dead Kaine what the fuck happened.

they Said she committed suicide.

I Knew Something Was Wrong With That Girl Thanks for the info Kaine.

yeah and when we gonna sign are agreement form , well renew it.

this week Kaine I got you.

alright boss


I Hung Up The Phone With Kaine And Got Back in The Bed With Kayla , all I Could Think dead She's dead. No More Stress From Her But she dead , I Just Layed There With Kayla in My Arms And Fell Back To Sleep.


I Got Up And Unwrapped Dre Arms From Around Me And Kissed Him On His Forehead and And Went  in The Bathroom And Took a Shower , Waking Up To This Man Made Me Feel Great I Felt loved and Cared For Like a Women Should it was 5:00 When I Got Out The Shower. Dre Still Sleep My Pussy must Knocked Him Out I Giggled . I Put on Some Baby phat Sweatpants Pant and a Bra And my baby phat Jacket no need For a Shirt My Body Was Toned Enough , I Grabbed For My IPhone And Walked Down Staris . I Made me a Bowl Of Frootloops and thought about Shay and right when I was about to call  her I realize that bitch is a trader and deleted her number from my contact fuck her I yelled in my head and continued to eat my frootloops. I looked at my table and saw Kevin's letter still sitting there I rushed outside and the mail man was coming down and I gave it to him and he said

thank you pretty lady

I said you welcome , now make that get where its going

I'll surey make sure of it baby.

And Walked Back in My House With a Smile on My Face When I Walked With My Head down And Place My Shoes on The Vent I Heard.

Who Was That?

awwh Dre?

it Was Dark Where He Was Standing And He Frightened me .

Awe Your Woke. hey baby

Walking Up To Him.

Who The Fuck Was He Kayla.

Stopping Where I Was , The Mail Man Dre What's Wrong .?

Mall mail my ass.

And Grabbed my arm and Slammed me on the Couch.


Dre Slapped Me While Saying, if I Ever Catch You Talking to Him Again I'll Hurt You Kayla.

Get The Fuck off Me Dre

Shut The Fuck Up Kayla And He Slapped me Again

Ahhh Dre Stop

And Kept Slapping Me And Threw me On The Floor And Kicked me in The Ribs.

I Couldn't Feel my Face Everything on my Body Hurt He Used His Whole Strengths to Hurt me all I Could Do is Cry With My Last Breaths., I Seen Him Run Up The Stairs And When I Opened My Eyes Again He Was by the Door Fully Dressed With His Shoes on.

I'll Be Back Kayla And you better Not Fucking move.

I Couldn't Move I Couldn't Feel my Body I Was Weak Blood all on my White Carpet I Was Weak.

This Man Went From Loving Me To Showing Me He Could Break Me Whenever He Felt Like it What Have I Got myself into I fell asleep right then and there.

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