"Are you seriouse"

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Yn's P.O.V

Me and prod are doing real good we are currently staying with each other and things are just wonderful.

I got up took a quick shower and got dressed ,I put on a red crop top that said trippy in white letters,some asset washed high waisted pants and my red allstars. When I was finished I went to the bathroom and flat ironed my hair,because I was going to get my weave back in and flat ironing it is a must.

When I was done I grabbed my phone and my wallet then I left. I had to drive Prod's red lambo because he left in my car. I drove off and went to my sisters salon. When I got there it didn't take long for her to do my hair since it was just a sew in. When she was done I paid her her money and left. Me and sister don't communicate when she at work its just business and nun else. Strange but true. I left her salon and went home I was really bored.

Prod was at the music studio and I knew he probaly wouldn't be home until tonight,so I just sat on the couch looking through the channels when I saw my favorite show "Lipstick Ally" was on. I put the remote down and went to the kitchen to grab an apple. when I came back the show was back on.

The host Debbie Brooks started talking about something that really got my attention Prodigy the new solo artist girlfriend. I was happy because they were talking about us but when they showed a picture of prod and his girlfriend I wasn't the girl in the picture. The girl in the picture was bright skin with curly reddish brown hair, and the name they said was not my name the girls name was Crystal I sat there in shock . How could he  do this to me I thought he loved me ,but I guess I thought wrong.

I cut the t.v off because I had heard enough and I went upstairs to pack my clothes. After I had all my belongings packed I took my stuff downstairs. When I got everything downstairs I heard prod pull up .I really wanted to be gone before he came because I didn't want to see him.

When he came in he looked at my bags and made a confused face.

Prod:"where are you going"? he asked.

Yn:"I'm leaving prod,so you and crystal can have a wonderful life together". I said aggravated

Prod:"Who is Crystal?" he asked.

Yn:"Prod stop acting stupid you know who I'm talking about". I said.

Prod:"Yn look I'm sorry its not what it looks like, me and crystal are not together for real its just a fake relationship"

Yn:" Why do you need a fake relationship when you got a real one,none of this shit makes since prod I'm done fuck you".

Prod:" My manager suggested it he said it would be good for t.v" he said.

Yn:"Prod so now your saying I'm not pretty enough to be seen with you on t.v".

Prod:" No its not like that lemme explain" he said.

Yn:" I've heard enough I'm done bye prod.

with that being said I left. Prod tried to make me stay but nothing he said nor did would make me want to stay with him. I got in my car and went to my best friends Courtney's house. My life without prod had just begun.....

TBC... so what do y'all think I know I haven't updated in a while but I promise I will start updating a lot more.:-)  thanks stay Flawless...:-) :-)

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