Isaac lee grossman

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"Im pretty sure writing "i dont know" isnt an answer teachers are going to accept." Jeff says walking into my room and peering over my shoulder at my homework. I look up at him.
"What are you doing?" I groan. Jeff smiles innocently and leans into the chair im sitting in.
"I just came to see my best friend!" He says smiling. I roll my eyes.
"What is it?" I ask. He laughs a bit.
"Well everybody wants you to hang out with us at Mr. Widemouths.."
"Cant. Homework." I say. Jeff rolls his eyes, and closes my book.
"Since when do you care about homework?" He asks. I sigh and turn to him.
"Ok fine. I'll go." I say giving in. Not like i have anything better to do... Tobys been spending a lot of time with Clockwork, and i havent been seeing him a lot lately. But i guess i should be happy that he found a killing buddy...
"Alright! Lets go!" He says straightening up and grabbing my arm making me fallow him.
"Why do they want me to come along?" I ask. Jeff shrugs and smiles shyly.
" was mostly my idea..." He admits. I dont say anything until we get to the house. There i am welcomed by Laughing Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Isaac Lee Grossman (he just kinda rolls his eyes at me..), Sally, Smile Dog, and Mr Widemouth.
"Wanna come sit beside me Tuesday?" Masky asks patting the seat beside him. I smile and sit on the couch with him. Jeff sits beside me.
I listen to them talk about killing strategies and such when suddenly Masky turns to me.
"So whats your weapon gonna be?" Masky asks suddenly. I give him a confused look.
"Yeah you better start thinking about it now." Hoodie says. "Your what, 16? You only got two more years until Slenderman decides to take you in as a proxy."
"A proxy?!" I ask, my face pale. BEN laughs a bit.
"What? You think you can just go off in the world and kill? You have to have some sort of hiding place and techniques. You better start listening up 'cuz your looking at the best in the business." Jeff laughs a bit. I shake my head and laugh.
"No.. I dont think im gonna be a killer.." I say nervously. Its quiet for a moment, until Eyeless Jack speaks up.
"You dont want to be a pasta?" He asks. I shrug and shake my head.
"No.. Not really.. I just kinda wanna live a normal life." I say. Jeff snorts.
"Didnt we all?"
"Yeah... But im not insane."
"You arnt born with it.."
I sigh and shrug. Masky sighs and clears his throat.
"So... If you arnt going to be a proxy then what are you going to do?" He asks. I bite my lip and shrug.
"Go to college maybe? Get a job... Then just kinda 'live'..." I say. Masky frowns.
I sigh... "Then i die."
"But.. You cant just die..." Jeff murmurs. I shrug.
"Im human.." I point out. Masky frowns and fixes his mask a bit awkwardly.
"Oh.." Then he sniffs a bit. "I always thought Tuesday would be my proxy..."
"Your proxy!" Jeff shouts. "If anything she would be mine!"
"Oh please Jeffery." Masky says rolling his eyes.
"Hey! Atleast im the better killer!"
"Yeah right!!"
I roll my eyes and try to drown out their bickering. I glance over at Grossman who was staring at me. He rolls his eyes and snarls.
I cant say i really like Grossman, he is to cold... All the pastas seemingly have a small soft side- except him. His heart seems completely cemented over, allowing nobody and nothing into it. He seems to especially hate me- for reasons i am not sure. But i am very glad that i have the threat of Slenderman coming after him if he injures me. I would hate to be killed by him, he is a cruel sadistic killer who takes great joy in tormenting his victims in horrible ways. Like ripping off their fingernails, breaking bones, skinning them alive, sticking needles in eyeballs- and he takes great joy in creating furniture out of his victims. Actually, the chair he is sitting in at this exact moment is made out of a human- i think a woman, but i could be wrong. He takes great pride in his 'art'....
"Hey Grossman." I say getting his attention. He glares at me sharply.
"What?" He snaps not a bit of friendliness in his voice. I bite my lip nervously as i look down at my feet.
"Well go on with it!" He growls impatiently. I take a quick deep breath and with all the confidence and bravery i can muster up i look him straight in the eye.
"Can you show me your err.. Furniture that you make?" I ask. His eyes widen, and i almost expect him to smile- i think even his eyes look kind for a moment. But he snaps out of it and rolls his eyes.
"Why? You wanna make fun of me?" He murmurs- not harshly, more in a hurt way.
"No. Im just curious..." I say. Or just want you to stop hating me.
"Oh. Well, i dont want you getting all scared and crying and shit." He mutters. I roll my eyes and point at Slendermans proxies.
"Hey i live with these freaks- i think im alright." I say. Jeff frowns.
But his remark is ignored as grossman gets up he walks to the stairs then groans.
"You comin'?" He asks. I blink- i didnt expect him to actually agree...
"O-ok.." I say getting up. Jeff glares at him.
"If you hurt her im coming after you." He mutters. Grossman rolls his eyes.
"Yeah i think Slenderman is enough of a threat.." He mutters. As i walk past Laughing Jack he slaps my butt.
"Good luck." He cackles. My eyes widen as i hope that he didnt mean anything sexual as he was a playmate of mine when i was younger.
"U-uhh.. Thanks.. I guess?" I say as i walk up to Grossman. I fallow him up the stairs, down a hallway, up another flight of stairs, then in an attic. It takes a second for my eyes to take in the gruesome sight.
Theres a wood bed frame with planks aligned in the frame, and straps on the top and bottom. Theres many sharp dirty tools and pliers on a few trays by the bed, blood stains the floor and walls and theres a disgusting odor. Theres many odd looking pieces of furniture and clothing in the room (im guessing his victims), theres also a work bench with tools on it. Theres some leather being dried on some hanger, and jars and boxes of human remains. Im guessing thats a big source of the stench....
A sadistic smirk crosses Grossmans lips as he studies my face.
"Well?" He asks thinking he had won some sort of secrete bet between us. I take a deep breath- (but regret it very much).
"What do you want to show me first?" I ask. He quickly frowns and sighs. He begins showing me his furniture and clothing. Telling me the age, gender, and how he tortured the poor victim used to make it. All of it i just nod and try not to gag. This is the side of the pastas that i hate...
But this is what they are- Grossman just doesnt hide this part of him from me...
It gets me wondering- whats Toby like in his killer mode? Or Masky, Hoodie,and BEN?
In a way it seems like i know Grossman more than i know Toby.....
"And this was made from a 76 year old woman," Grossman explains pointing to a fancy looking chair. He smirks. "I had to do a lot of ironing to get all of her wrinkles out." He then begins to howl in laughter. I force myself to smile- and when i do, i cant help but laugh.
Grossman stops and gives me a puzzled look. I stop to. "Whats wrong?"
He shakes his head and grabs my arm leading me to a box made out of many human bones- the first time he has ever touched me.
"Er.. Nothin'..." He mutters before going onto explain how he used many victims to make the box. After he goes to explain the rest of his makings, he shows me the torture bed, all the tools, his work bench- where he explains to me how he makes human skin to leather, and how he makes chairs and hand held mirrors. He then points to some remains and tells me he is saving them for later. I smile.
"The furniture and stuff is really cool- i mean, its a nice way to recycle and dispose of a body.." I say shyly. He looks up at me surprised.
"Really? You think its cool?" He asks- the meanness completely out of his voice. I nod.
"Y-yeah." I say. For a second he forgets himself, and lets a small kind smile spread across his lips. He then quickly scowls to make up for it.
"Well- dont want you braking anything." He says gesturing its time for me to leave. I nod and fallow him back to the others.
I dont stay for much longer- but for the rest of the night Grossman stops glaring at me.


Im jerk away by a hand on my shoulder. My eyes dart up to see a hooded figure. My heart speeds up until some of the moonlight coming from my blinds expose Toby.
"Did i wake you up?" He whispers. I glance over at the clock- its 4 in the morning.
"Yeah." I say relaxing a bit. He smiles and strokes my hair lovingly.
"Can you scoot over?" He asks. I nod and make room in the bed for him. He smiles and wraps his arms around me and sets my head on his chest.
"Sorry i wasnt here today..." He apologizes. I smile and kiss his lips lightly.
"Or the other day... Or the day before the other day.." I smirk. He sighs and strokes my hair.
"Yeah..." He says awkwardly. "Im gonna be around more- i promise."
I roll my eyes. "Toby, its fine."
He kisses the top of my head and sighs.
"So did you go anywhere today?" He asks. I nod.
"Yeah, Jeff and the others wanted me to tag along to Laughing Jack, Mr. Widemouth and the others house..." I say. Toby frowns seemingly disappointed but quickly snaps out of it.
"How was it?"
"Fine. Grossman showed me his furniture... I think he is starting to actually like me..." I say. Toby frowned.
"Did someone go with you?"
"You went unsupervised up to Grossmans torture chamber?"
I laugh a bit and kiss his cheek. "Aww, sorry dad..." I say sarcastically. He rolls his eyes- a smile threatening to break out on his lips.
"No- im serious. I really dont trust him." He says. I smile.
"Its fine. Im okay arnt i? Stop acting so protective- i swear your worst then Slendy." I say. Toby sighs and smiles a bit.
"I know." He says embracing me tighter. He then gets up, and kisses my head.
"Goodnight Tuesday, i love you." He says. I smile.
"Goodnight Toby- i love you to."




Clockwork: what..?
Pierce: i dont know man... I just ship it o.o
Jeff: ......
Pierce: dont act like you dont ship anything!!!
Jeff: i dont.
Pierce: LIES!
Me: i ship lots of things ~(•o•~) like maskyxtoby tobyxjeff maskyxjeff hoodiexmasky benxjeff-
Jeff: we dont need the whole list
Toby: why are they all yaoi o,o
Pierce: *squeal* SHIPPING BUDDIES?!
Pierce: now make Toby and Masky kiss!!! :D
Masky: no -.-
Toby: no >.<
Me: ~(*^*~) yessss
Tuesday: i think Pierce is rubbing off on you..
Me: no! I rubbed off on Pierce!!
Me and Pierce: YAAAY!
Tuesday: *facepalm*
Me: dont act like you dont ship it to ~(*^*~)
Tuesday: ok.. Maybe a little...
Tuesday: he he...
Me: i also kinda ship laughing jack x Jeff *.* and eyelessjack x jeff
Pierce: or Eyeless jack x jeff x masky! :D
Me: YES. Or toby x jeff x masky
Pierce: NEW OTP
Me: YES *.*
Tuesday: we can add BEN to that *.*
BEN: no we cant o.o
Me: you know... This conversation has me tempted to write a creepypasta yaoi book full of one shots *.*
Toby: no >.<
Tuesday: i'd read it.
Toby:..... This has me concerned about what your looking at online...
Tuesday: hahaha >:D now kiss masky!!
Toby: no! You cant ship me with another guy!
Me: can masky and Eyeless jack kiss? Itll just be one little tap with their masks and-boop, your done! Hehe
Eyeless jack: no o.o
Me: mmkay thats enough for today-
Pierce: but its so short D:
Me: yeah XP but thank you all for reading! I highly appreciate it, and if you have any suggestions for the book please tell me :3 if you have another dare/question you wanna give your allowed to give as many as you want. Thanks again! Bye :3

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