Payton's P.O.V




Thirty six, oh wait, thirty seven people have been and gone for their auditions. I know because of that flat screen TV in the corner of the room and the sound coming from it, some was good and some were not so good.

I correct myself again.

They weren’t bad. Bad is an understatement.

You could say they were worse that a cat being dragged by its tail across a chalkboard. And that's pretty bad.

Some voices that come out of these people seem impossible but they are true. The person you see on the screen you think.

‘God they look like such a pop star. They must have an amazing voice.’

But the image doesn’t mean anything in this competition and some of them have it but the sound that comes from their vocal chords is atrocious. That just shows that even if you have the look of a pop star doesn't mean you are one. You could look like Cheryl Cole but you could be like a tone death cat. Or you could look on the chubby side and people will automatically think that your shit, when really your the next Opera sensation who's going to sell millions of records. Stereotypes. That's the only thing I hate about this show. Well all shows like that who judge people on the way they look and not for the person they are inside. 

I hope they don't judge Louis, it'd be heartbreaking for me.

That guy for earlier who literally tired to rub his crotch against me when on before Louis and surprising he had an amazing voice. I know I've just gone against what I've said about judging people but I haven't technically judged him. I was just surprised that  voice like that would come out of him. 

We wait impatiently for Louis name to be called but nothing. Five more people go before him and one of those five drew my attention to the screen. 

But it wasn't just his looks that drew my attention to him, it was an item of clothing the boy's wearing. A cream cardigan. My cream cardigan to be exact. 

"Louis" I pull his attention away from the small device in his hand.

"Why is that lad wearing my cardigan?" 

He stutters and ponders for a moment before giving me and answer. 

"He said he was cold so I lent it to him." But he told me that he lost it. 

Okay, so first he took my cardigan and actually wore it here, then he says he lost it which made me go in a mod with him and now he's saying that this guy was cold so he gave him my fucking cardigan. Does he even know this kid or his he just going to give my stuff out to everybody. 

"Are you cold, Oh here have my sisters cardigan."

"Your shoes don't fit, here have my sisters boots."

"You have no shirt on. Here you can have my sisters top. She wont mind."

That's probably another reason why all my fucking clothes have gone missing. The fact that he's taking my clothes and he's probably giving them away too. I need to bolt my wardrobe shut. 

I look fro Louis to the screen to check if the boy with my cardigan was still there and not wondered off with it. I was going to wear that tomorrow too. The boy on the screen's waiting to be called on my one of the tecky people backstage. I swear if I don't get my cardigan back I'm going to hunt that boy down and get it back, I'll also shave Louis' eyebrows off in the process. 

"I know him Payton. Chill." Louis goes back to his device without a care in the world. Does he not realize that some random guy doesn't only have possession of my cardigan but hes wearing it! Does he not see the importance of how much an item of clothing means to a girl. If i just randomly gave someone Louis hair products or his hair dryer he would flip out. He first, would kick me out of the house and then kill me in a back alley where nobody will see. Then he'd take whatever money of mine he would find and use it to buy back his hair products. That is the extreme that my brother would go to if his hair products and utensils got given away or taken by anyone. 

I look back at the screen where the cardigan thief is now going on stage and introducing himself to the judges. He's sixteen, my age, and his name is Harry Styles. 

Harry Styles. I swear I've heard that name before. Does he go my school?

No because I'd remember someone like him. 

He's obviously one of Louis' friends because he gave him my fucking cardigan. I sound like a drama queen. This is all over a bloody cardigan but I cant help it. I love that cardigan and for Louis to just give it away makes me sort of sad. 

Okay, now I've truly gone insane. 

"He was in Battle Of The Bands. Him and his band came over one time. White Eskimo." Louis jogs my memory. I knew I saw him from somewhere. He's changed a hell of a lot. 

The last time he came round to our-my mums house was about seven months ago. The Rogue, Louis band-stupid name I know-became friends with White Eskimo and invited the band over to rehearse or whatever they were doing. I was in my room and they were in the basement. Unfortunately my room in my old house was in the basement. The only thing that separated me from those guys was a moving wooden door. They annoyed the fuck out of me, but they were quite good. 

Jesus from here he looks pretty darn fine. Back then he used to look like a nerd. Well not the nerd you see in movies, more like a guy you wouldn't date even if he was the last person on the earth. But now I'd totally bang him. 

The whole room goes quite as we wait for the boy with the adorable curls to sing. 

"Isn't she lovely

Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious

Less than one minute old 

And I never thought

Through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn't she lovely

Made from love"

Cheers from the whole arena and room congratulate the young boy on his success of his audition. I do too. He's one of the lucky few who have the package.

Looks and voice. 

He's going to be the next heartthrob. 

And I want to be the one who steals his heart. 

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