Chapter 11: Beware The Frozen Heart

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This chapter has a mixture of the songs Life's too Short and For The First Time In Forever (reprise). 

I hope you enjoy!



When they arrived at the staircase, they saw Dean's castle.

"Oh my God," Sam said. "Dean made that?"

"Wow," Gabriel said. "That's the most beautiful thing... I think I might cry."

"I will not judge you," Sam said. Sam and Olaf began walking up the steps and Sven tried to follow, but his hooves slipped.

Gabriel helped Sven off of the staircase. "Stay here, boy," Gabriel said.

Sven plopped down on the ground and wagged his tail. Gabriel laughed a little and then followed Sam up the stairs.

"Knock," Olaf said. Sam didn't. "Just knock, Sam." Again, Sam didn't knock.

"Sam?" Gabriel asked.

"Do you think he knows how to knock?" Olaf asked Gabriel. Finally, Sam knocked and the door slid open.

"It opened," Sam said.

"Doors tend to do that," Gabriel said.

"Not any of the doors I grew up around," Sam said. "Gabriel, you should wait here."

"What? Why?" Gabriel asked.

"I don't want to overwhelm him," Sam said.

"It's a palace made of ice," Gabriel said. "You know that ice is my life!"

"I know," Sam said. "I'm sorry."

"Bye, Sven," Olaf said.

"You too, Olaf," Sam said. "Keep Gabriel company."

"Me?" Olaf asked sadly.

"Just give us a minute," Sam said, walking inside the palace.

Sam looked around in complete awe. Everything was made of ice. The palace was beautiful, yet eerily silent.

"Dean?" Sam called out. "It's me! Sam."

"Sam?" Dean asked. Sam turned around and looked at Dean. Dean stood on a balcony from the second floor in the foyer. 

"Dean, you look different," Sam said.

"I hope that's a good thing," Dean said.

"Yes," Sam said. "Good different."

"Thank you," Dean said, smiling softly at his brother.

"The palace is beautiful," Sam told Dean.

Dean smiled. "I had no idea I was capable of this," Dean said.

"I'm sorry," Sam said. "About everything." Sam walked to the stairs that led to where Dean was. When Sam began climbing the steps, Dean backed away.

"No, it's okay," Dean said. "Don't be sorry."

Sam stopped climbing the stairs about halfway up. "What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"You should leave," Dean said.

"I just got here, Dean," Sam said sadly.

"You belong back in Arendelle," Dean said. 

"So do you," Sam said.

"No, Sammy," Dean said. Sam smiled slightly despite the situation. Dean hadn't called him Sammy since they were kids. "I belong here."

"58... 59... 60," Olaf cheered as he happily and he skipped over to Sam.

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