Perfection~A Glimpse Into The Future

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Austin P.O.V.

"Hand me her shampoo"Chelsea exclaimed, pushing her hair behind her ear.I did as she asked, and handed her the baby shampoo.She squirted some in her hands before beginning to massage Sophia's scalp, making sure it didn't get in her eyes."Your so cute"I smiled and wiped the bubbles off of Sophia's little chin.She grinned a toothless grin and continued to look at the yellow rubber ducky in her little hands.She's so small and fragile.But she's only six months old so I guess she's the right size.I smiled as Chelsea rinsed her hair out, Chelsea's ponytail flapping behind her head whenever she moved."Alright Soph"Chelsea sighed and wiped Sophia's back with the wash cloth."Can you grab her towel?"she asked.I nodded and raised up off my knees, reaching for the white towel hanging on the rack."No, the pink one"she pointed to the one laying on the counter with a little pig hood."It's a towel, not the biggest thing in the world"I laughed and handed her the towel.She smiled and raised up to her feet, so her knees were bent."Come on baby"Chelsea picked Sophia's small body up out of the bubbly water in the bathtub and set her on her lap, wrapping the towel around her and placing the little hood with the pig on her head."Now my baby's nice and clean"Chelsea kissed her cheek and stood up, cradling Sophia in her arms.I followed her into the nursery, where she laid Sophia down and put a diaper on her.Chelsea did everything perfectly, and if it wasn't perfect for Sophia, she re-did it.She made sure Sophia was always spotless, always clean and smelt good.I chuckled as she caught the baby powder before it fell.She grabbed the baby lotion and began to rub Sophia down with it.Her legs, her arms, her neck, and her little tummy."Now Mommy's baby will be so soft"Chelsea smiled and kissed Sophia's little feet.Sophia giggled and moved around as best she could.She's so tiny she can't move a lot."Babe, hand me her jammies"Chelsea asked.I nodded and grabbed the little pink pants, white onesy, and little pink socks.Chelsea smiled and began to dress her."Now you look so prettyful"Chelsea smiled and blew on Sophia's cheeks.I chuckled and snaked my arms around Chelsea's tiny waist, kissing her cheek."Come here baby"Chelsea carefully picked Sophia up."Downstairs?"I asked"yep"Chelsea nodded."Jump"I told her, sliding my hands to her thighs."No Austin-"she started.I rolled my eyes and just scooped her up."See? No problem"I smiled and carried them downstairs."Where to?"I asked as I stepped off the last stair."Take Sophia into the living room so I can make her bottle"she nodded.I set her down and carefully took Sophia into my arms.Chelsea went into the kitchen while I went into the living room and set down on the couch.Sophia laid on my chest while I softly stroked her little head.She's so beautiful.She has her mother's big brown eyes and my medium/dark brown hair.She has Chelsea's adorable little button nose.Everything changed with she came.The little things that Chelsea and I used to rarely fight about, didn't matter anymore.When Sophia came, I got the same protective feeling that I have for Chelsea and my mom.I'll never let anything hurt her.Chelsea came back, shaking a pink bottle."Let me feed her"I asked, reaching for the bottle.Chelsea handed me her bottle and set down down beside me.I watched, smiling, as Sophia gulped down her bottle."Slow down Princess, nobody's gonna take it from you"I chuckled.When she finished her bottle, I set it down on the coffee table and laid the towel on my shoulder, laying her head there as well.I softly patted her little back until she belched.Which, may I add, is one of the cutest little sounds."Good Soph?"I asked, holding her up in front of me.She yawned and fought to hold her little eyes open."Bedtime"I stood up, cradling Sophia in my arms.Chelsea followed me upstairs and into the nursery.I laid Sophia down in her crib and Chelsea laid her blanket down over her.Chelsea and I both kissed her head before I turned on her nightlight and her little lullaby thing that hung over her crib.Snaking my arms around her waist, I leaned my head on Chelsea's shoulder as we looked over at our child."We did an amazing job"I smiled and kissed her cheek.She nodded and softly rubbed my arm."Let's go to bed, I want my sexy time"I muttered into her shoulder.She nodded and grabbed the baby monitor, making sure it was on, before following me to our room.I closed our door and laid my hands on her hips, gripping them as I began to kiss her neck.She tilted her head, lacing her fingers through my hair."Jump for me baby"I muttered, tapping her hip.She wrapped her legs around my waist and allowed me to carry her to the bed.I dropped her there, her small body colliding with the softness of the blankets.Pulling my shirt off, she bit her lip and placed her hands on my abs.We connected our lips and she continued to trace the lines of my abs.I chuckled against her lips and grabbed her butt, lifting her up and carrying her up higher on the bed."Just can't keep your hands off of me, can you?"I grinned and chuckled.She laughed and nodded."Well I can't help it baby"she giggled.I smiled and began to kiss her again.This kiss was the type of kiss you see in the movies.Connecting then breaking apart and repeating the process.I slid my hands down and pulled down her pajama pants, letting them fall to the floor."I wanna be inside of you baby, I wanna make love to you"I breathed into her ear, softly stroking her cheek.She bit her lip and smiled.I softly kissed her lips before sliding down and pulling her underwear off."So wet"I murmured, putting her legs over my shoulders, softly rubbing the back of her thighs.I placed hot open mouth kisses on her clit.She softly moaned, twisting one hand in my hair.I plunged my tongue deep into her, brushing up against her spot.She gasped and pulled at my hair, using both hands now."Shit! Austin, do that again!"she leaned her head back as I continued to pleasure her.Slithering my tongue in and out until she was close, when she tightened around my tongue, I gripped her thighs and pulled my tongue out.She panted at the sudden loss.I licked my lips and pulled her tank top off.She draped her arms around my neck and started kissing down my neck and chest."No, not tonight baby"I grabbed her arm and laid her back down.I kicked off my sweats and boxers before pulling the blanket over us."Tell me if it hurts baby girl and we will stop"I told her.She nodded and bit her lip again."Don't bite your lip, you know what it does to me"I smirked and slid one hand to her back, unclipping her bra and slowly sliding the straps down her arms."God, your so fucking sexy baby"I kissed the spot underneath her ear, earning a small whimper.I hitched her leg over my hip, sliding my hand from her knee to her butt, staying on her butt for a few seconds and squeezing it."You ready?"I asked, leaning down and kissing her breasts.She nodded and placed her hands on my back.I hung my head, resting my forehead on her collarbone, and beginning to push my length into her.She moaned as I filled her up, my hips hitting hers as I pushed deep into her."God! Austin! Please! Go!"she moaned.I began to thrust into her, groaning softly into her ear."Say my name baby"I ordered, gripping her hips."Austin fuck!"she moaned loudly, yanking at my hair."Shh, baby shh,"I murmured"Austin! I can't! It feels so good! Ugh"she bellowed, even louder than before.I placed my hand over her mouth, muffling any sounds she made."Go on, scream for me baby, show me how good this makes you feel"I smirked and grounded my hips harder into hers.She screamed bloody murder behind my hand, making me smile.Honestly, sex is so much better after she had Sophia.Sweat formed on both our bodies as I continued to pound into her."Mmmhmhm"she said into my hand"what baby?"I huffed out, removing my hand."Harder"she moaned.I placed my hand back on her mouth and began to go even harder.Huffing and puffing, we were literally moving the whole bed.Damn, I hope the neighbors can't hear us.Not that it would be the first time but I really don't care.She jerked her hips up, and each time she did, I wanted to hear her grunt, and moan, and scream, but I wanted to keep going even more."I'm gonna move my hand, don't scream yet"I pushed out.She nodded as I removed my hand.I clutched the headboard, leaning down and sucking at her breasts.She moaned softly into my ear, squeezing her eyes shut and clawing at my back."Scream for me,"I mumbled.If we haven't woke Sophia up yet, then I highly doubt we will anytime soon."AUSTIN! FUCK! PLEASE GO HARDER!"she shrieked.I moaned and went into her even harder, basically slamming into her.I slid my hand down and began to rub her clit, jerking my hips up harder."Cum hard for me baby"I groaned into her ear.She bit down deeply into my shoulder and released on me.I snarled into her neck and released in her.I kept going through her orgasm, which lasted a good eight minutes.Damn, this is the longest I've ever made her orgasm.When we finished, I fell beside her, panting heavily."Fuck, I thought it was good when we were kids"I sighed and wrapped my arm around her shoulders."And I thought you were big when we were teenagers"she nodded and continued to pant."That was one hell of an orgasm eh baby?"I chuckled"damn, I didn't know they could last that long"she nodded.I smiled and kissed her head."Wanna go again?"I asked, twirling her hair in my fingers"mhmm"she nodded and pulled me back on top of her.So we went again, even harder than the last time.I collapsed on top of her, resting my head on the pillow under her head."Fuck, that's amazing"I sighed and leaned my head in her shoulder."God, I didn't know it could feel that good"she breathed.I nodded and kissed her cheek."Damn, I thought you were amazing years ago but now just damn"I smiled and softly stroked her cheek.She nodded and kissed my lips."I love you"I breathed"I love you too"she smiled and traced my wedding band."So,"I trailed kisses down her jaw"just how big am I?"I smirked.She laughed and draped her arms around my neck."Huge"she giggled.I smiled and kissed her forehead."Can we go again"she asked"damn, I don't know, that's a lot of work"I sighed.I really don't know if I have enough energy to go again, but if she wants to then I'll try.I began to kiss her again.Our tongues dancing together.I moved my arms and tried to push myself up again, but I couldn't.Damn it.I moved my limp body back over her and began to roll my hips into hers again, my forehead leaning in her neck.I couldn't do it."Baby, I don't think I can again"I sighed.She nodded and kissed my head."Come here baby"she pulled me to her.My body fell limp on hers, my head resting on the pillow underneath her again.What the hell is wrong with me? She wants more, and I'm not giving it.Screw it, I can rest tomorrow.I moved back on top of her, leaning my head on hers."What are you doing?"she asked"shh"I placed my lips on hers, grinding my hips into hers.She moaned softly into my mouth, which made it worth it.Her feeling loved and like she matters is more important than anything in the world.My arms were killing me and so were my hips but I didn't care.She's in pleasure and that's all I care about it.She continued to moan softly then slowly that deceased into soft breathing."Moan baby, I love hearing you"I muttered softly into her ear.Her quiet moans and occasional screams filled my ears, making me groan softly.I don't know what it is, but it drives me insane when she moans."Are you close baby?"I asked, sliding my hand down and pressing it to her clit.She moaned and nodded.I began to suck on her breasts, leaving small bruises.When she released, she let a lot go.Damn, I must be pretty good.I leaned my head on hers, searching her eyes for whatever may be in them.We were both breathing heavily as we studied each other."Your trembling"she softly stroked my cheek"I'll be alright"I chuckled softly, still panting heavily.She kissed my head, wiping my sweaty hair back then pulling my head to lay on her chest.I sighed and continued to try and regain my breathing composure.When I finally did, I snuggled into her and shut my eyes, slowly drifting to sleep.Early morning, before the sun had even risen, the baby monitor went off.A soft sigh escaped Chelsea's lips as she kissed my head and moved out from under me."Baby girl, you want me to take her?"I asked, raising up"nah, go on back to sleep"she pulled my shirt on and her underwear.I grabbed her hips and pulled her down, placing a wet kiss on her lips."Take those off when you get back"I winked.She smiled and nodded, pecking my lips softly before running out of the room.She was gone for maybe about ten minutes before returning."Bah! Before you get in this bed, take those clothes off!"I exclaimed.She playfully rolled her eyes before pulling my shirt and underwear off of her body and climbing back into bed.I pulled her into my lap, cupping her breasts in my hands and kissing her roughly.She moaned softly as I squeezed her breasts, not hardly but enough to let her know that I wanted more."Ride me baby"I murmured into her lips.She pushed the blanket down and grabbed my length, lining it up and pushing it into her.I moaned and held her hips, helping her move up and down me.She kept going, moaning and groaning, bellowing and screaming, until we both climaxed.She fell on top of me, tired.I softly rubbed her back and carried her under the covers, snuggling with her.We laid side by side, holding onto each other until we both drifted to sleep.The next morning I awoke the same way I happily do every day, my wife, my soul mate, and my lover right next to me.Chelsea softly kissed my neck then my cheek, wrapping her arms around my neck."Good morning"she smiled"morning"I smiled and squinted my eyes, looking at her.She giggled and kissed me again."Whats got you so excited?"I yawned, wrapping my arm around her"nothing I just love you"she smiled and softly kissed my lips.I smiled and leaned my head back down, closing my eyes and softly stroking her arm."I love you too"I mumbled, folding my other arm behind my head.She snuggled into my chest as we both went back to sleep.


Chelsea and I are real, no matter what happens, I'll always love her more than anything else in this world or even out of this world.

True love doesn't have a happy ending because true love never ends.

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