Mia Part 6

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On the bus ride home I have a mixture of dread and happiness. The thought of Jason makes me feel like I am walking on air, but I really do not want to go home. Home is where my family is; my family isn't that bad, I guess they could be worse. I have three brothers and three sisters; Samuel 18, Jon 16, David 9, Rebecca 13, Gina 8, Jenna 10. Somewhere in the mix of all of this my parents forgot about me, sometimes I don't even show up at dinner and they don't care. Last week I slept in our tree house and no one thought that it was odd or anything. Our house is pretty big, so we each get our own rooms. I used to have the biggest room of everybody, but then Gina was born and my parents thought she needed it more because she had more toys. So I was stuck in the smallest room in the furthest corner of the house. If I lay down on the floor, my head can reach more than half way across. The only good thing is that it has a window so I can leave any time I want to, which is a lot. At 3:17 the bus comes to a stop at my house and I get off, Sam and Jon should ride this bus too, but they both have brand new sports cars. I am the last one to get off the bus because our house is so far out of the way it takes ten minutes to drive to the closest neighbor.

Our driveway is another hike to endure, one that definitley keeps me in shape. At 3:22 I finally make it inside the door, greeted with the screams of the three younger kids. Not wanting to get involved I climb the stairs and scurry to my room before anyone can see me. I throw my backpack on its hook on my purple wall, kick my shoes into the closest, and fall onto my bed. I sit there for a while and just stare at my ceiling. A buzz from my phone pulls me back into reality, it's from Jason. I get a terrifying thought in my head, what if he doesn't really like me? I put my phone down and collect myself for a moment. I slide open my phone and put the pass code in. Hey beautiful is all his text reads, but it is enough to make me smile from ear to ear. I go to respond but realize I have no idea what to say, Hi handsome? No, that just sounds weird. Hey Jason? No, that doesn't sound like me. After three minutes is just settle on Hi. With five minutes in-between the texts I think that it will take awhile for him to respond, but within the minute my phone buzzes again. What are you up to? Without thinking I write Being bored, you?I throw my phone down and go down stairs to see what my family is up to. I hear my mother in the kitchen, making dinner for the nine of us, the three younger kids are in the family room, playing video games, Jon and Sam still aren't home, probably out at their girlfriends' houses, my dad is in his office, with the doors locked, and Rebecca is outside, practicing soccer. Still unseen, I make my way back up stairs and grab my phone. His response reads I'm bored too, maybe we should be bored together. I shake my head at this and explain to him that it is a school night and I'm not allowed out. We start to mindlessly talk, neither of us staying on one topic. At around 5 he leaves for football practice and I am left alone. I sit in my room with my music blasting through my speakers, dancing around and drawing. In our group text my mother tells us all dinner is ready. I quickly turn my music off and hear the thundering of feet down the stairs.

With all of us at the table, there is barely enough room for everyone. I sit in between Jon and Jenna, across from Gina. All of the bowls get passed around and everybody piles their plates high with pasta, bread, peas, and chicken. I feel like such and out cast here, my plate is barely filled with a thin layer of food, I hardly talk, well actually not at all because no one addresses me, and I don't fight about anything. It seems like everybody is always in an argument about something, my parents argue about us kids, money, stocks, work, everything. And us kids fight about sports, video games, cars, school, friends, and again, every thing. I take about three bites of food then excuse myself, unable to stand the noise anymore. Lying back down on my bed with my music blasting I try to forget about my family. A half hour later, once again, in the group text, my father sends out a notice. Do not forget children, we will be having a family meeting at 7 o'clock in the living room. Attendance is mandatory. He is so formal with all of us he doesn't even seem like a dad, more like a caretaker. Once 6:55 rolls around, I figure I should make my way down stairs once again. Everyone is fighting over seats; no one wants to be in the front middle. I just plop down on the arm of the sofa and lean against the wall. At sharply 7:00 my parents walk in, my mother taking a seat at the side of the room in her recliner and my father standing in front of us. "Now children, you are probably all wondering why I called this meeting. Well let me enlighten you. It has come to your mother and I's attention that we do not have a clear set of rules for any of you. I know it would be unfair to give you high-schoolers the same rules as the elementary kids, so we will have three rule categories." From behind a chair he pulls out one list, and reads off rules for the younger kids. Everything seems fair, but they still groan. It goes for the two middle schoolers. I don't really listen until it applies to me. He starts on the last category; "I shall be present for meals, unless I ask to be excused. I shall only date if I have my parent's permission. I shall not skip school. I shall not wear inappropriate clothing. I shall not sass my parents. I shall not ask my parents for money." He hangs each poster on the wall, and I notice something odd, I do not have a curfew, and I do not have to ask when I leave. These are rules for the younger kids, but not for us. I also do not have to be asleep by a certain time. My father dismisses the meeting and I run upstairs, very excited. My phone has five messages from Jason on it and I feel a pang of guilt.

6:34 Hey, I'm back, can we talk?

6:42 Mia? Did I scare you off?

6:56 I need to tell you something

7:12 I wish we could get away for a while

7:31 God you probably think I'm crazy

7:34 Why do you want to get away?

7:35 I can't.... take this anymore.

7:36 Okay, pick me up?

7:37 Oh, you are allowed?

Jason's name pops up on my phone, showing me he wants to actually talk to me. I pick up on the fourth ring. "Hello?" I'm confused why he is calling. "Are you serious?" he sounds like a mixture of shocked and worried. I have to ask myself this to be sure, Am I serious? "Um, yeah, I don't have a curfew and my parents don't care, oh and my siblings are driving me crazy, so yeah, let's go do something. I'll send you my address." He pauses for awhile, "Mia, are you sure? I mean I wasn't kidding when I said I need to get out of here, but I didn't think you would want to." I accidently laugh at him, "Jason, I sneak out of the house all the time, this is no different. I'll see you soon." I hang up the phone before he can say anything else. Quickly I send him my address and he sends: We might go swimming or drive around all night, so bring a change of cloths and your backpack beautiful.

I excitedly go through my bathing suits and realize that they all reveal my arms, legs, and stomach too much. I'll just grab a cover up too, that will hid everything well enough. I pick a hot pink fringe triangle bikini, figuring it will be hidden anyway. I grab a sweater and leggings for afterward and throw it all in my backpack. Just to be safe, I lock my door, take my phone charger, and turn on the TV. I throw my bag down onto the outside sofa, and climb down from my balcony. Once down I run over to the driveway, and wait by the road. I look at my phone and see he told me he would be here in five minutes three minutes ago. Soon his black truck turns down my road and I start to walk down, realizing my parents would freak out if they saw his car.

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