~Cheater,Cheater where you meet her?~

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~I will gamble with my heart just for you even if I end up heartbroken~



Anger and Pain. Those are the only feelings I feel right now. I want to punch someone's face millions of times over and over again not stopping for a break.

I, Rosetta Smith caught my boyfriend cheating on me. You wanna know the funny thing is, that he cheated on me with ny old best friend. Yes you guys that bitch named Faith.

"Xander and Faith." I called out to them making them stop dead in there tracks. Faith blushed scarlet red and tried to stutter out a lame excuse that I wasn't listening to.

"Don't you even talk you bitch. I hate you now go burn in hell. Tell Hades 'hi' for me when he greets you into hell's door for me." I spoke out with so much ice in my voice I thought I could create a blizzard. "And for you I am glad I didn't have any feelings for you because I don't feel pain." I laughed at something funny but no one told a joke but I was laughing.

Even my laugh was making them flinch from how cold and lifeless it was. "So go fuck your self Xander." I was half way out of the door but I turned around and talk to the sick people again. "Matter of fact Faith can fuck you her self. Happy fucking!" I told them with so much sarcasm it made the whole world stop for a moment.

Since I lost a friend that is a hoe and a boyfriend so I went to school. I was really starting to feel like Phineas and Ferb because those kids didn't go on a summer vacation they dropped out of school.

I went to school that day to drown my ducking pain away. To surround myself with people that wouldn't do that to me. I didn't talk to anyone though I actually listened to the teacher teach.

School went by in a flash. Then I wenthome in a moping and revenge mode so I got all of the eggs and went egged his car.

If I wasn't in hurt mode I would have thought I something more creative but I didn't. I did make his car look like a huge bird pooped on it.

I hate love. It should crawl in a hole and die, because love hurts.

People shouldn't tell you that your going to have your happily ever after with a handsome prince, but there all telling lies because you can never get a fairytale ending.


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