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We were still walking down the street when Clarice decided it was time to take a rest, and thankfully were we right down the street from a sturdy looking motel.

Once we had gotten everyone inside Leland suggested we should do a sweep through of the area make sure everythings looking good outside

"Dany, Megan and I will do an east sweep through, Ricardo Diane and Leland will do north, Kyle & Blondie will do south and the three of you will do west"

When we had picked up those four people they had learned how to fend for themselves and Megan like to tag along on some journeys sometimes. I didn't mind because she usually found gun stores, how to get in and found the most useful stuff.

Blondie was someone we had picked up. He was attractive, very blonde to the point it almost looked platinum with green eyes and a deep voice.

"Let's go bud"

He didn't talk as much as the rest of us did but when he did it was either hilarious or genius.

"Do you think we'll find anything" he asked

"I highly doubt it, but you can't go on a hunch"

"yeah.. "

After about 10 minutes of walking I sighed

"I don't suspect or see anything "

"Neither do I but maybe we should keep l-"

he stopped mid sentence, something had been kicked and made an echoing affect in the alley way


I bent down and he stood against the wall

"see anything?" I mouthed

he shook his head

That's when we heard it, the clicking and chattering of teeth.

I looked down and sighed fucking hell

When it ran the pitter patter of foot steps lasted through out the air

"I saw it, there's only one of them"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah it's one of them Minorities Diane likes to call them"

"Well let's just take it down, no guns though I don't want a ripple effect"

"Got it"

We ran from each wall and on to the next one chasing the Loner it liked to run, but I couldn't understand why.

When we finally caught up to it, it had been cornered, in a small area, outside of a church with a fence around it.

When we got closer it was small, height wise and very skinny.

But it was different, it clicked non stop and it chattered it's teeth like nothing I've ever seen before


I looked to Blondie "what?"

"It's just a fucking child"

It was lost, looking for a way around, clicking and feeling the vibrations underneath its feet.

"Why's it screeching like that?" he asked

"It's looking for someone"

"Like food someone?"

"no, like family someone. it's helpless, deaf and blind it needs something to kill or wound it's prey"


"we still have to kill it you know"


We walked up behind it very slowly and quietly hoping it wouldn't feel the vibrations of our feet

It turned around looking straight at us, we froze and waited it out

Turning it's back on us again we crept closer I put my fist up 1,2


I looked down and the creature, it was screeching that low screech and I turned around to question Blondie but it was Clarice that stood behind us

"What the fuck Clarice, we don't need your help we had it"

"obviously not"

"you know what else is obvious? is that you're not following your own rules, you're taking the east side, what are you doing here?"

"we did our sweep it's clear we were just heading back when your figures caught my glimpse"


I placed my gun down and locked it into the holster

"Let's go"

I glared at Clarice until we were almost out of the area. We walked down the steps and met up with the rest of the group.

"Catch anything?" I asked

"Not for us" Ricardo said, the others shook their heads


"Yeah I had one but Clarice stepped in last minute and did the deed for us"

She snickered with delight

After an hour or so I decided to shower up and get some rest.

The shower in my room wasn't working so I walked into Diane's - who was sharing with Clarice - asked her to use hers and opened the bathroom door

"Holy fucking shit no" I gasped

Clarice turned around

"shit no! don't say anything!" she begged

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