Just Keep Swimming

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This is a actual dream i had. Yes it terrified the crap out of me so i thought maybe you guys would like to know about it. Maybe you can help me figure out what it means.


I woke up to the bright light of day shining through my bedroom windows. I slipped out of my bed and and walked into the kitchen like I usually do. I expected to find my mom in there drinking some coffie but she wasn't there.


I checked throughout the house but no one was there. I decided to go outside and look for them but still no one was there.

"What the hell..." I said looking across the street from my house.

There was a giant lake there and in the center was a small island. On that island was a shiny object.

This has to be a dream.

With that thought I decided to go along with it and get in the small row boat that was pulled up on the bank. I pushed it out a bit then got in it. I began to row towards the island. I was nearly there when something nudged the side of the boat.

I clutched the sides. "Nita! Come back! Hurry!" I heard from my house.

I looked back and all my friends an family were standing there calling for me to hurry. I started to row back as fast as I could. My heart was beating erratically in my chest. Something big hit the bottom of the boat completely knocking it over and dumping me out and into the water. I went under the water about six feet and opened my eyes and looked around.

I saw what was attacking my boat. It was a giant water beast with razor sharp teeth, spiked spine, and bult like a snake/octopus. I screamed as it started to race towards me. It shot a tentacle out towards me and it wrapped around my ankle and started to pull me deeper down towards it.

I managed to shake my foot loose so I began to swim up towards the surface. My lungs began to ache from the lack of oxygen. I gave one last kick towards the surface and my hand touched the air but I was yanked back down under the water with a tentacle wrapped around my waist.

My lungs burned and my conciousness began to waver as I submerged even further into the water. The last thing I saw before I sunk into my watery grave for eternity was a shiny object that was taunting me into my last breath...


I know its short but it seriously scared me. I couldn't breath when I was under water and when I woke up I was out of breath and coughing. Any ideas of what it means comment <3

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