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Chapter Four


"This lil cutie got my attention and I cant shake it." I told my home boy as we rolled one.

His girl and my ex Shay was sitting across from us. Im sure listening to our evey word but prettending to be so focused on their phones.

"Nigga what?"

"Yeah, her name Najiah."

"I know her. She go to Rosewood with me. Her fine ass."

"Tye shut the fuck up." Chrissie, his girl said.

"Chill the fuck out. Dont talk that shit to me. You can get the fuck out Chrissie."

"Chill out the both of you." Shay said before she sat her fat round ass in my lap taking the blunt I was smoking.

"What are you doing Shay?" I gripped her ass pulling her a little closer.

My dick pressed aginst her place. I could tell she loved it.

"Anything you want me to do daddy."

I bit my lip and raised my eye brow. After not being able to complete what was started with Najiah, I had some much pint up sexual frustration.

"You gone let me fuck?" I didnt even have to ask, I knew it was a yes.

In no time I was balls deep in Shay as she moan and screamed my name.

"Fuck baby im finna cum."

I pumpped faster inside of her slapping her ass as I hit it from behind.

"Cum for daddy."

Her pussy tightened around me as she released. I felt myself about to burst. I quickly pulled out and busted all over her ass.

I pulled up my pants and fixed my clothes.

"Thanks for the pussy Shay."

"Thanks for the dick."


I walked back down stairs feeling a bit better but not fully saticefied. Shay gives me that good good but I wanted what Najiah had.

My nigga Tye and I left his place leaving the ladies to their fun.

"So you fucked lil mama yet?" Tye asked.

"I plan on it."

"Bet I could fuck first."

I almost swerved off the road at his words.

"The fuck nigga dont get fucked up."

"Damn nigga dont get all but hurt. I was just fucking with you."

"Whatever nigga."

"What you so mad for huh? You scared I could?"

Being that the other day Najiah was about to give it to me, I knew I had nothing to trip over. But his words still pissed me off.

"Im not about to play with you."

"Hey nigga im just saying."

"Fuck you." I said stopping the car.

I was done with this talk and this nigga."

"Get the fuck out."

He look shoked that I was kicking him out of my car. First he was in disbelife but then he seen I wasnt playing.

When he got out I spead off. He yelled to me as I left him there.


So much for friends huh. I will fuck that nigga up if he slip up and do some bull shit.

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