-Chapter 8-

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*Nora's POV*

Ash came into my room late last night and we talked quietly to each other for a hour or so. Then he left before anyone could find out he was in there. I fell asleep shortly after. When I woke up my mom was opening my curtains letting in bright sunlight. I groaned and covered my head with my blanket.

"Wake up Nora. Just because you and Ash are fighting doesn't mean you can stay in bed all the time." She said yanking my blanket off of me.

I stuck my head under my pillow. "I can do what I want!"

"I said get up right now." She said taking my pillow and hitting me with it.

I growled at her and got up and charged into my bathroom.

"There is a party tonight you better be getting ready for it!" She called to me.

I didn't respond back to her as I got in the shower and scrubbed my body. When I got out I put my robe on and came out to find Arana sitting on my bed.

"So you and my brother are fighting." She pointed out.

"Yep." I said popping the 'p'.

She got up and pulled a dress out of my closet and handed it to me. "What did he do?"

"I'd rather not talk about it right now." I said pulling the dress on and looked in the mirror.

It hugged my body showing every dip and curve. The color was a blue/green color. Arana sat me down in a chair and curled my hair. I decided to do my own makeup. Once we were done I slipped on some black pumps.

I then headed down to the party with Arana. We entered and everyone was already dancing. I smiled at all my pack members and headed towards my mother until I heard an annoying flirty laugh that made my head snap in that direction. What I saw made my canines elongate and my eyes glow in anger. A ferocious growl came out as I charged towards the bleached blond bimbo throwing herself on my mate.

Everyone moved out of my way making a path for me. Ash was busy trying to get her to leave him alone. I reached her and twisted her arm painfully behind her back making her cry out.

"Keep your whore hands off my mate." I growled in her ear and shoved her away from me.

The music stopped and she turned to me and ran at me and I grabbed her by her throat and lifted her by her neck. I held her there for a moment as she struggled to breathe then I dropped her. She collapsed to the ground trying to get air back in her lungs.

"Get out..." I growled then looked to the crowd. "Everyone out! The party is over!"

As everyone left I looked to Ash. "Room. Now."

I was charging off when Lundee decided to step in me way. "My son is Alpha he can do what he wants with whomever he pleases."

My wolf was trying to take over but I forced her down. "Get out of my way."

"You can't tell me what to do." He snapped.

I couldn't stop the furious growl the ripped its way out of my throat and echoed around the house. Lundee quickly moved and I charged past them. I went into Ash's room. He came in and shut the door behind him.

My wolf pounced forward taking control and making me turn around. She didn't like the fact that that whore's scent was on our mate. I walked to him and pressed him against the wall.

"Mine." I growled as I claimed his lips and pressed my body against his putting my scent back on him.

He switched is and picked me up and carried me towards the bathroom. He had the same idea I did. He sat me down and began filling up the bath. Once it was filled he quickly pulled off his clothes. My inner muscles clenched at the sight of him and I had to fight back a moan. I pushed my wolf down so I could be in control of my actions.

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