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Just writing the next book. It's called "Rescue Mission"

Here's a sneak peek, it's very little but gives a bit of an idea of what the next one is about.

"My dad hates me, that's what happened." I grumble.

"I wouldn't talk to Coulson then."

My eyes snap to his. Ward forces himself to look away. I didn't even think of Coulson, I just killed the most important person to him. He probably hates me the most. I lean my head forward and hide my face in my hands.

"You and Lucas are the only people in the whole world that don't hate me." I say, but the words muddle together with my tears.

-------------------------------------------- But, that's is still in progress.

So, for now, I am publishing a Stucky fanfic called "Till The End" Here's a quick peak at that too:

"What if we don't have time, Ste? What if Hydra get to me before Kitty has time to trust me again? We can't protect her, Steve." Bucky questions.

He slowly raises his head, his eyes sparkle with pain.

"What do you mean?" I quiz.

"We can't look after her. Someone else will have to take care of her because she's in too much danger with us." He whispers.

I instantly stand up and Bucky tenses, refusing to make eye contact.

"We can't do that! She said she loves me Bucky, I can't just give that little girl up!" I argue.

"Ste, I love Kitty too and that's why we need to. Don't you realise that she could die with us?"

"I can't. She trusts us. I can't just hand her to someone else." I admit, placing my hands on my hips.

"She's in too much danger." Bucky repeats.

"I can't believe you want to give her up! Id never give you up Buck so why should we give up her?" I shout.

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