What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

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Chapter Three


Damn. This girl Najiah got me all fucked up in the brain. I cant help but stare when she walks past. Seeing the way her hips sway as she walks. And that ass, out of this world.

For some reason we end up alone together. A few weeks has passed since her and I met and it seems like me and my pops spend every day over her. Or he drops me off at Lisa, Najiahs moms place while he took her back to the house so you know they can fuck in peace.

Tonight is another night me and her got left behind and alone with one another. For some reason tonight I couldnt control myself. The way she bit her lip while cooking had my blood rushing.

"Why you staring so hard Kayden?"

"Just watching you cook.."

"Or where you looking at my ass?" She said turning off the burner then sitting on top of the counter letting the food cool.

"If I was?"

I stood in front of her with my arms folded.

"You should stop. I am your fathers girl friends child."

"First, its obvious you are no child and on top of that, what does that have to do with me?"

"Its weird."

"Its only weird if you make it."

"So if we kissed it wouldnt be weird?"

"We could always try and see." I said inching closer placing my hands on her thighs.

She bit her lip looking down at me and smiled.

"Chill out Kayden."

I pulled her closer to the edge of the counter and she let me. I was positioned between her legs with my hands on her ass.

"I am chill."

"You really arent with your hands on me like this."

"Tell me you dont like it and mean it and I will chill out." I said caressing and grabbing a hand full of her ass.

I started to kiss on her neck. Najiah wrapped her arms around me pulling me in more. I pressed myself aginst her so she could feel what she was doing to me. She let out an approving gasp and bit her lip. I continued kissing on her and exploring.

Soon her lips met mine then things went into a blur. Some how we ended up in her room. On her bed. Clothes started to fly, I stripped her down to her bra and panties. The body on this girl I tell you.

I kissed down from her breast to her belly down to her kitty. I licked my lips then pulled them to the side. She was already soaking. I cant wait to have a taste.

"What in the fuck is yall doing." I heard a voice saying from behind scaring the shit out of me.

Najiah jumped and hid under her covers. I tried to hide my stiffy but it was unsuccessful.

Standing there was camela. Thank god it was her and not anyone else.

"I know yall mfs heard me the hell."

"Camela please dont tell mama or omari can this just be between the three of us?" Najiah pleeded.

"See doing the shit yall was about to do is how your brother and I got lil Omari. I love my son I do. Fucking is easy being a parent isnt. Shit aint easy. Think about that before you wana do some grown shit." She said then she left shaking her head and mumbling.

"Damn it Kayden."

"Why you mad at me?"

"Im not mad at you. You just got me dripping and now I wont ever find out what that mouth do." She said some what joking.

"Dont be to sure. Anytime you want it you can get it."

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