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I have to get that key in order to get out of this place. But first I have to distract her a little while knowing where Xander is actually. So I can have an idea.

"Hellen, do you know where Xander is?" I asked. "He is out to another city for some work and he is expected to be here by tomorrow" She replied while giving a smile. So I can get out of this place without Xander knowing.

I know it will not be easy to escape when there are so many guards but still I have a good chance knowing that Xander is not here. I purposely gave a light push to my plate after emptying its contents. Hellen get startled by the sound of plate breaking.

"Oh my dear! Are you alright? Did the piece cut you somewhere?"

Hellen questioned while concern was laced on her face. How I don't want to deceive such a good lady but Xander has left me with no choice. She put the keys on the vanity table and said to me 
"I will just get in a minute to clean it, please don't get up from your bed or they might stuck in you feet"

She advised and I nodded while I felt terrible lying to her because I am going to get up and go really far from here. Where my life would turn back just like how it used to. She rushed out of the room probably to get the equipment to clean all the mess. I got up from the bed carefully avoiding all the glasses and made my way to the vanity table and took the keys.

I know she will know that the keys are missing so I cannot take the whole bunch. I took one.key from.the bunch and got to the door. In a hurry Hellen forget to lock the door moreover close it. I inserted the key in the while and the door knob twisted indicating that the key works and a grin broke onto my face.

Knowing that is have no more time to waste I made my way back to the bed sitting on my previous place while hiding the single key under the pillow , which were placed on the bed. Soon Hellen came with a young maid and she cleaned the mess and in no time they left the room. But not before Hellen took the key and locked the door.

Another two or more than two hours passed and I took that time to get my plan into action and since it is already dark outside it will be easy for me to hide in the dark. Changing my gown with a black mid length frok I took the key from under the pillow and made my way to the door. I have already thanked the upper power, because this is the door that has lock on outside as well as inside.

Twisting the key within the lock, it opened with a click sound that was melody to my ears. I made my way to the corridor and made my way down the stairs not wanting to waste even a minute. Since all the maids made their way to the servant quarter after cleaning the dishes of dinner, there was not anyone there. I quickly made my ways to the front door without making any noice for extra measures. I and my way to the front t door only to notice that guards are their. So it's not possible for me to get out from there. I hide from the eyes of those guards and looked for any root to escape and when I found I did a happy dance in my mind.

Their in the kitchen was a window. I tip toed my way to it and pulled it open while not making any noice. As soon as it opened a sigh of relief escaped my lips but I didn't wait a second, not only for then to catch me, so I quickly got out from the window. It was big enough to fit me. There were other windows too but they were in the main hall and guards were there so this was the o ly window in the kitchen. And only place where the guards couldn't have seen me. As Soon as my feet touch the ground I sprinted forward. This was the back side of the castle, one could notice because there were not many guards patrolling here unlike the other places in castle.

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