Chapter 2

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Woah. I still cannot believe that I am going to get to meet my idols in 7 days. I have been wanting to go to Magcon since they started it, and I am finally going! Not to mention I'll be going with Sam! Im so excited! I'm not sure if Sam was that excited though... I mean, she will have a good time once she gets there. We got back from New York last night and I really want to hang out with Sam but I need to unpack all of my stuff.

"Hello Kathrine! How are you?" I hear my mom saying to Sam's mom over the phone. I peak my head out of the window so I can listen to their conversation. "Oh so she told you! Yes, yes, Rebecca has being dying to go and she would just love if her best friend came to!" My mom said. "Yep! We already have a hotel booked that's just walking distance from where the convention is being held. Don't worry at all Kathrine! Sam will be perfectly fine and long as the two stay together." I hear her say. I am so excited because they way my mom is speaking I am pretty sure that Sam's mom is in.

"REBECCA!" My mom yells to me. I almost fall over the railing where I was leaving over to hear the conversation. "COMING!" I yell and run down the stairs.

"Great news! Sam's mom is going to let her go to Magcon with you!" She says excitedly. "YAY!!" I scream and do a little happy dance around the kitchen.


Rebecca just got back last night and I really want to see her, but she is still unpacking from her trip. This actually worked out pretty great because I wanted to give Bec an additional Birthday presant. I already bought her a new charm for her Pandora bracelet, I was wanted to get some Magcon t-shirts to wear when we go to the convention.

I thought that she would like that because she had been taking about ordering stuff online but she never got around to it. It's a good thing that I know a couple of Magcon freaks at our school who could hook me up with some t-shirts.

Just as I was leaving Arianna Smith's house with two blue and white colored Magcon t-shirts, Bec called me. "Hey!" I say as I get into my car. "OMG SAM DID YOUR MOM TELL YOU?!" She screams. "No! What?!" I ask. "Your mom just got done talking to my mom. YOU ARE GOING TO MAGCON!" She screams and I get pretty excited. "Oh my god yay! Hey wait are you done unpacking yet?!" I ask. "Yes I just finished! Come over!" She says. "Ok I'm on my way!"

*10 minuets later*


"Hey!" I say and I hug Sam as she walks through my front door. "I have a surprise! So close your eyes!" I do as I'm told and close my eyes and hold out my hands. I open my eyes and see a blue and white Magcon t-shirt! "AHHH OMG I LOVE IT!" I say and I give Sam a huge hug.

This is going to be the best weekend ever!


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