I have an important question

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Emma's pov- 1 month later

Matt has been getting bigger, and bigger. He has gotten a lot more followers, fans, everything. People found out about Matt and I. And I've been getting a lot of hate for it. He was invited to be apart of Magcon, a meet and greet convention. There's nine boys in it: Matt, Cameron, Nash, Taylor, Jack, and Jack, Shawn, Carter, and Aaron. They gonna start adding more people when Magcon gets bigger.

Matts gonna be leaving to Magcon California in a week. I'm gonna miss him terribly.. The only thing I'm worried about, is him finding someone better. I feel like Matt only is with me because he knows I'm a ticking time bomb ready to explode. I haven't cut in about a month, but I've been depressed lately. Really depressed. The urge to cut is getting to me. And getting all this hate isn't helping. I constantly see people saying

"go kill yourself"

"you don't deserve Matt"

"why don't you cut some more?" "Matt doesn't love you"

"nobody wants you here"

And everything like that. The only person that is keeping me alive is Matt. He's the only person that's helped me with all my problems. With out him, I wouldn't be here. And if the fans truly were fans, they wouldn't say that kind of shit.

Matts pov

Magcon is coming soon! Next week! This is crazy! I'm so happy, I get to meet all my fans and hang out with some great people! I've been getting a lot more fans lately, and I have the best girlfriend in the world. Life couldn't get any better! I talked to Bart about maybe having Emma come with us, and he said that she could! I'm gonna go talk to her now, and I hope she's able to come!

Emma's pov

I heard a knock on my door, and I opened it and it was Matt. He walked in gave me a hug and a kiss and we went to my living room. We sat on my couch, and he said that he has and import question, while smiling. Gosh his smile is the cutest!

"Emma I was wondering if you would like to come to Magcon with me? I know it's kind of late, and it being next week, but I really want you to come! And we'd be staying in a hotel, so we could share a room if you wanted to. Please come with me!"

"Matt, I don't know if I have enough money to but a plane ticket." I said.

"Bart and I already cleared that up, Bart has enough money to get you a plane ticket, and he wants you to go to!"

"Okay.. I guess I'll go" I said smiling.

"Yes! I love you so much babe❤️" he said.

"I love you too!" I said giving him a kiss. And we went to my room and I started packing.

Heyy, sorry it's been a while. I'm gonna (try) to update every weekend! Keep voting, this story is gonna get better! I love you all❤️

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