Chapter 4

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The Shadow Clan warrior was trying to chase the piece of prey back to his own territory but before he got there I jumped on his back. I recognized him from gatherings his name was Russetfur. " What do u think ur doing!" I howled at him as I clawed his back. He howled for mercy and I let him go but he started running before i could stop him. " Bramblestar! Are u ok?" asked Sandstorm. "Of course" i grunted. "I will make sure Blackstar knows that if he can't keep his warriors on his own territory then he should be ready for an attack. Come we shall tell this to the rest of the clan so they keep a look out." When we got to the camp i jumped onto the Highrock to address the clan. "Let everyone old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highrock for a clan meeting!". Once everyone was gather I told them about the Shadow Clan warrior. There were gasps from some of the warriors and queens wrapped their tails protectively around their kits. "If u ever see one on our territory chase them off and report it back to me!!" I said. "We're gonna teach those manage pelts!" said one of my warriors. "The meeting is over!"

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