Chpt 6: I Love You

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Tien's P.O.V.


Carter 😂😘❤️: "Hey beautiful. Wakie wakie.😘❤️"

I pick up my iPod, wiping my eyes and unlocking my iPod.

It's 9:24 a.m.

I smile at the thought of Carter calling me 'beautiful'.

I text "Morning babe.😘"

"Come to McDonalds, we're eating breakfast there. I can pick you up.😊"

Shoot, my parents?

I tell my parents if I can go eat breakfast with Brashanda next door.

My Dad allows me and my mom is reluctant, but allows me anyway.

"My parents said yes. Let me get ready first." I text.

"You don't need to wear fancy, where do you live?"

I throw on a pair of shorts and a big t-shirt.

"I live on ----------." I type.

"Be there in 5.❤️"

A car pulls in the driveway 6 minutes later.

"I'm leaving!" I yell out to my parents leaving the door.

"Hey girl."

Carter walks out the car.

"Give me a second I'm putting on my shoes." I say as I try to shove my foot into my red converse.

I trip.

"Whoa be careful." Carter laughs as he catches me. "Come on I'll help you put them on in the car." He sweeps me off my feet and carries me in his arms while I hold my shoes. Carter opens the passenger's seat door and sets me down.

"Give me your shoes." he says.

I hand my shoes to him as he untied each lace and puts them in my feet. He ties them and gets up. "Seatbelt." he reminds me winking.

I put on my seatbelt and he gets into the driver's seat.

Carter pulls out the driveway.

"Where are the others?" I ask curiously.

"They're at McDonalds already, I told them that I'm picking you up and to wait for us there." he replies.

"Oh okay." I say.

He smiles.

"You're beautiful."

"Oh my gosh stop saying that."

"It's true."

"Not really."

He holds my hand and kisses it.

"I love your brown eyes, because they might seem plain, yet beautiful as they match mine.

I love your nose, it's not like any other. It's different, in my favorite way.

Your smile is big, and lights up the world.

Your lips are cute and enough for me to kiss you all day.

Your cheeks are soft enough to be held in my hands.

Your body is perfect the way it is, no adjustments.

Even though I'm taller than you, you'll hear my heart when I hug you, that beats only for you.

You're the definition of beauty, and I love you."

I start to cry softly and I lay my head on his shoulder as he lays his on mine, not taking his eyes off the road.

He kisses my forehead when we stop at a red light.

I turn and whisper in his ear, "Carter, I love you."

I kiss him on his cheek and rest my head on his shoulder again.

"Hey, I know this is a rush but," he starts, "will you go out with me?"

"But I'm only 13. I thought the youngest you'd date is 15." I say.

"Love has no age. I love you, no matter your age." he replies.

"Of course." I hug his free arm and smile.

"Mine." he whispers.

"Yours." I breathe.

Carter's P.O.V.

Tien's head laid on my should while her arms was wrapped around my right arm.

She's mine now, and I love her.

I park the car in the parking lot and tell Tien to wait in her seat.

I walk around the car and open the door for her, letting her out.

"Such a gentleman you are Carter. Or should I say Mr. Carter?" she laughs.

Her laugh is perfect.

"Why yes Ms. Tien."

I kneeled down, took her hand, and kissed it.

She giggles and holds my hand.

We walk towards McDonalds, holding each other's hands, our fingers laced.

I open the door for her and we both walk in.

"Ayyyyyy! Look it's Tien and Carter!"

Nash motioned to us.

Tien stood on the tips of her toes to overlook the small crowd of girls waiting to take pictures.

"Wow. I thought we'd just hangout and stuff y'know?" she says.

"Get on my back, we're going to have to move through the crowd. I don't want you to get stuck in it."

I kneel down and she hops on my back. She wraps her arms around my next and I soar through the crowd of girls, holding Tien tightly.

Camera flashes and screams was sounded.

Tien's P.O.V.

Girls tugged at my hair while I was holding onto Carter. They took pictures of us.

"Who is that?" I hear.

"She looks weird."

"Gross who's that girl?"

I push away the hate from my mind and focus on getting to the table.

"Let them pass!"

The manager.

Security arrives and pulls the crowd away.

"I thought they'd be here forever!" I pant.

"Get used to it." Aaron says.

"Well lookie here. It's Ms. and Mr. Reynolds." Mahogany calls.

We all laugh.

Carter and I take a seat next to each other between Matthew and Cameron.

"Heyyy! It's nice seeing you again!" Cameron says as he hugs me.

"Wow you too!" I reply.

"We ordered for you if you don't mind." Matthew turned.

"No no it's okay! It's fine." I quickly say.

Carter puts his arm around me and kisses me near my right eye.

"Here's your food. If you want I'll share with you babe."

"It's alright." I reply.

I look down to see bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes. My drink is just plain milk. I dig in.

"Whoa calm down." Taylor jokes.

"Ha ha nice one, but you got some bacon right there." I point at his shirt.

He looks down and I flick my finger up to his face.

Our whole table starts laughing.

"Got that on Vine!" Cam snickered.

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