Yn :: mr....mr august?

Dad :: yes .. who are you?

Yn :: im chresanto wife & the mother of his daughter..

Dad :: daughter?

yn :: yeah.. cattleyah

Dad :: when is my son ?

Mom :: baby who is at the doo.. you..

Dad :: when is my son ?!

Mom :: leave now .

Dad :: now i want to see my son right now! *grabes her arms*

mom :: Let me go!!

Chresanto ;: Dad! ....Let her go!

Dad :: *turns around quickly* Chresanto... hey son..

Chresanto ;: why are you here ?

Dad :: i wanted to talk to you..can you come on a ride with me really quickly?

Mom :: no .. santo get in the house..

Chresanto:: ma .. ima be okay.. Come on...

( Chresanto & his dad took a ride around the block, Santo did really have nothing to say to his dad he has been back in forth in santo's life..His dad pulls over on a curb & started to speak . )

Dad :: so you have a child?

Chresanto: so why is it any of your concern?

Dad :: Because im surprise you didn't leave it.

Chresanto:: *looks at him with a bad glance* Im not you! i will never leave my child's life just for a nother woman ..

Dad:: so thats how you look at me? *laughs started to make santo mad* Im your father you're going to be just like me... you're going to leave you daughter & that bitch of you ((GCO))

Chresanto :: Shut the fuck up!! I will never be like you i don't who you are im nothing like you! you missed almost 20 years of my life now ! i will never try that ..

Dad :: so you're mr tough guy now ?! Who the fuck are kidding chresanto! not me ! You know iv been seeing you on the streets .. & a person who sits on a corner like that is only one thing .. a drug dealer does your wife know about that ?

Chresanto :: ...........................

Dad :: *laughs* so you're keeping secret from her? what else are you doing? stealing? Killing? having sex with other females ?

Chresanto ;: ..........................

Dad :: chresanto... you're going to be just like your brother .. he already made it to life .. whats next for you?

Chresanto:: you know i wish you could have gave me all these bullshit talk when i was younger

Dad :; hey hey hey! watch your mouth .. bboy..

Chresanto :: take me back .

Dad :: no problem ..

( Santo's dad took him back to his mom house .. santo was building up with anger almost like he wanted to kill somebody . but really who was he kidding? He knew alomost eveything his dad told him was true .. he just never realized who he was turning to he had to get that off his mind before he got back to his moms house because she was going to ask a million questions)

Chresanto: *gets out the car*

Dad :: hey son?

Chresanto:: *make eye contact*

Dad :: be careful.

Chresanto:: *he closed the door shut & went in* mom im back

Mom : are you okay? what did he do to you? what happened ?

Chresanto: ma im fine .. chill.. where's yn..?

Mom :: in the room watch tv with cattleyah..

Chresanto :: *he goes back* You ready to go?

Yn :: yea .. ((they left .))

(( Around night time yn had put the baby too sleep .Yn thought that chresanto was going to just go to sleep with her guess not he had to go finish what he started.. had to go sell more drugs on the corner ))

Chresanto ;: bae ima be back tonight ..okay?

Yn :: fine whatever *puts her head down*

Chresanto :: *looked at her like he really wanted to stay*

( after chresanto left only yn was awake .. then someone knocked on her door .. she went down stairs & though it was chresanto but it wasn't because when she opened it was .. )

yn :: Calii ??

Calii :: remember me ? Ray's girlfriend? well ex... we broke up a couple months ago

Yn :; why are you here?

Calii :: aubrey & i stop becoming friends because she starting to take things to far..

Yn :: i know santo & me have been noticing ..

calii :: look... she told me she is out for your daughter she cant get rid of you ..so she is coming for you daughter

Yn :: why am i suppose to believe you?

Calii :: because i don't like you.. but im here telling you what she is up too.. Look i have to go .. be safe okay.?

yn:: wait Calii !

Calii :: I have to go !

T B C !

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