-Chapter 7-

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*Nora's POV*

I woke up to the creaking of a bed. Jesus things were louder now that I am a Werewolf. I groaned as I opened my eyes and saw Ash trying to prop himself up on the bed. I hurried to his side and helped him.

"Thank you." He said sounding hoarse.

I poured him some water from a pitcher on the side of the table and handed it to him. He drank it quickly and sat it back on the table.

"Do you feel any better?" I asked.

"A lot better. How long have I been out?" He said.

"Just a day... Your parents are here." I said.

His eyes snapped to me and he tried to get up but I stopped him. "Wait you need to take is easy Ash."

"She's right. Dad can wait a little longer. He's just wanting to yell at you anyways." Laen said coming into the room with the other brothers.

"Yeah. He's pissed." Jamie said.

Ash looked at them. "Why?"

"Nora kicked him out of the infirmary for trying to wake you up. Let's just say being pushed around by a girl didn't bode well with him." Ian answered.

Ash pulled me to sit on his lap and nuzzled my neck. "For a little thing you seem to attract a lot of trouble."

I giggled. "It wasn't my fault I swear."

"I know it wasn't your fault. He just tends to be an ass." He said standing up picking me up with him.

"Stop your going to hurt yourself!" I said.

He smiled. "I am fully healed Nora. Now let's go visit the big bad wolf."

He carried me as he followed the scent of his father. We found him in Ash's office looking at the books. Ash put me down and I stayed close by him as he walked across the room and to his desk not even pausing to acknowledge his dad. He sat down at his desk and I perched in the windowsill.

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