Chapter 23~Four

Jarrett was listening to Juliet's slow breathing as tried to focus more on heart beats. He could hear Juliet's which was slowly getting stronger. The absence of the other two was killing him. 

"Come on.." Jarrett begged. "Come on boys.." Suddenly he could hear them again, but what shocked him is there wasn't only three. "Emmett, Eyzek, Juliet.....and one more.." He was confused. 

"That fourth one will be valuable." Jesse said as he, Jack, and Justin walked in. "We were hoping that it would happen. Just like Esevan predicted."

"What are you talking about?"

"Juliet will have three children. Two boys and  a girl." Jesse paused. "Esevan wants the girl."


"You can count." 

"I can." Jarrett paused. "Ricky will never let you have his daughter. If you thought he was protective over Juliet, just wait until he finds out he has a daughter that will be born." Jack lunged forward and his fist connected with Jarrett's face. Justin walked passed him and lifted Juliet from Ricky's bed. 


Kate took small seductive steps around the room where Ricky sat rubbing his forehead. Angry tears had fallen from his eyes hours earlier with no result of Juliet talking to him. Jarrett kept Ricky far away from her. 

"Kate, you should go." Ricky stared at the floor.

"That's not what you said earlier." Kate hissed.

"You did this to me, Kate! You did this!"

"I owe Andy and I'm going to pay my debt to save myself."

"You'll always be in debt. He'll never let you go."  Ricky paused. "He's already turned you into a vampire. What's next?"

"Richard Davis.. Don't tell me you're starting to care about what happens to me."

"I don't care. You know I would have never done the things I did if you hadn't compelled me. Now Jarrett won't give me the time of day to let me explain."

"Boo hoo." Kate sat on his lap, placing kisses on his neck. Ricky let out a frustrated growl and pushed her off. She fought him with her lips crashing onto his. 

"Kate, don't do this!" He yelled, mixed with a growl. 

"I like you when you're angry." She kissed him once more, just before locking her eyes with his. HIs puplis seemed to get smaller as if he was hypnotized. "You will not resist me, Ricky. You love me like you loved her. There is nothing that will change the way you feel about me. Soon I will have no one to compete with. The moment she drank from that cup, she signed her own death sentence. A slow painful death."  

Emmanual pulled Kate from Ricky and threw her to the floor. He stabbed a stake through her heart as her body turned gray, lifeless.

"Now that she is dead, the compulsion should wear off." Emmanual stated, sitting beside Ricky.

"None of that matters now! Juliet saw what she saw and Jarrett won't give me the time of day to explain to her that I was under a compulsion!"

"I don't know how to help you." Emmanual paused. "But this is what Andy wants. He wants you to give up so that Juliet has no protection." Ricky seemed to have realized something as he stood up. 

"Kate... Kate said something about Juliet drinking something that would kill her." Ricky took off from the mansion running for his own room. He flung the door open where he saw nothing but a cup on the floor. Jarrett was on the floor, holding his throat as if he couldn't breathe. "Jarrett.." Ricky helped him up and shook him. "Heal! You have capabilities now that you never thought possible. Let the wolf handle this! Heal." Suddenly, Jarrett looked fine. He was shocked that he could finally breathe. "Where's Juliet?"

"Like you care." Jarrett answered, brushing him off.

"I do care and you know it, Jarrett. Kate used compulsion. I couldn't control what I was doing. Ask Emmanual. Kate is like Andy. She can use compulsion to get what she wants."

"Isn't that like mind control?"

"Yes. Now, where is Juliet?"

"I ... I don't know.."

"What do you mean you don't know? Weren't you watching her?!"

"Dad, I.. I'm sorry.. I w.. I."

"It's okay. It's okay. We're going to find her."

"Dad. I know who took her."


"It was Justin." Ricky suddenly felt sick. The thought of Juliet being alone with Justin was enough to make his dinner come up a second time. "What? What's wrong with him?"

"He's a bad kid.." He paused. "He hits girls, especially her.."

"Dad, there is something you should know."


"Jule.. is.."


"I was going to wait for her to tell you, but she always got so nervous in front of you. I don't know why, but, she was scared to tell you." 

"Tell me.."

"Dad.." Jarrett paused. "Juliet.."

"Jarret, spit it out."

"I won't be your only son.."

"What?" Ricky's eyes widened.

"Juliet.. is..."

"Why wouldn't she tell me?" He sounded hurt.

"Because Roverto told her that you left Kate after she had me because you only wanted kids for a bloodine. The reason that she was so nervous was because she thought you were going to toss her like you tossed Kate."

"I would never, Jarrett. I would never. I love her. I love her more than anything. I would never do that to her. I would never hurt her like that. I love her."

"You remember how you were telling me that one of the three kings were meant to be with her?"


"Emmanual said that she will have three boys born to the king she is with to make the next generation of three kings. These boys will be the strongest possible to take over for their father."


"Juliet was carrying twin boys.."

"Twins?" Ricky's heart felt as if it was shattered into a million pieces. He wanted to be with Juliet as if his life depended on it. He hated himself for allowing Kate to get too close to him. 

"Yes, twins... so that's the two boys Krauss told me she'd have. Then, just before Justin took her, I could hear another heart beat making four altogether. Juliet, the two boys, and.. a girl. Esevan is after your daughter."

"No.." Ricky whispered, upset that he had neglected Juliet so much for his work. "I can't believe it.."

"I had a talk with Krauss the other day because I needed to ask him a few questions about Juliet. Krauss was the doctor that was there when I was born."


"Dad... Kate isn't my mother." 

"How? I don't understand.."

"Your mother kept it a secret from you and I because she thought that it would ruin the future between you two.."



"Jarrett.. Tell me."

"Juliet is my mother. When you two ran away together, thats when it happened. Did you ever wonder why Juliet's dad hated you so much? Because you got her pregnant at sixteen....Your mother made us all forget and put Kate in her place to secure the future between us. She thought that being that I was born, you and Juliet would never have kids again thinking that life in France with you as a royal was so hard. Especailly when you have to raise a kid. These three kids were meant to be born and if you had known that I was Juliet's son, they would have never happened." Jarrett took a heavy breath. "If these boys are born wolves like I am, then that would create the next generation of three kings. Me, Eyzek, and Emmett."

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