chapter 3 - green day

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Lily's POV

We arrived at Louis house and knocked at the door.

"Hey losers! you ready for the weekend of you're life?" Louis greeted as he opened the door.

"Err no who'd wanna spend the weekend with you" I replied stepping into the house and ruffling his hair as I walked past.

I walked into the lounge and saw that Liam, Niall, Rae and Saffron were already sat on the floor playing game with a bottle of vodka.

"Thought we were meant to be saving that for Crooks Creek?" I asked joining the circle

"Oh hey Lily and we're starting early" Niall replied passing the bottle to me.

"What game is it?"

"Just truth or dare" Liam said

"Ok well I pick truth" I reply

"Ohh that's out of your comfort range Lily you normally go for dare" Rae asked me.

"I'm saving it for later so what's my truth?"

"Last person you got off with?" Louis asked as he sat down in the circle too followed by Zayn and Harry.

"You guys are gonna love this" I said whilst giggling "it was Niall"

"Really?!" asked Zayn looking shocked. "When?!"

"You know that party last week?" Niall answered for me through his laughter.

"We were both really drunk and had no idea what was going on" I explained and took a swig from the vodka bottle.

"Guys this Harry, she's just moved here from by the Lake District" Zayn introduces. So that's where he's from. Everyone just smiled at him and Harry smiled back.

"So should we get going it only takes an hour" Every nodded and got up and got into Louis' ridiculous 8 seater. It was Louis and Zayn in the front, Harry me in the middle and Rae on the other side of me at the back of the car and then Niall, Liam and Saffron on the middle section of the car.

Once we started driving after Louis had finallly put the tents in the boot, I suddenly had a thought since i was sat next to Harry maybe this was my chance to ask Harry some questions, everyone was talking loudly and Rae next to me was in deep coversation with Liam in front of her as they have been on it for like ever, I decided this is probabily going to be one of my only chances.

"So Harry, how come you moved here from the Lake District?" i wasn't normally one to be a conversation starter i normally just answered people when they spoke to me but something about Harry made me want to talk to him and find out more about this mysterious boy.

"Oh family reasons" Harry said whilst glancing quickly at me before looking back out of the window. "I met Zayn a few days back when I moved in across the road from him."

"Oh right" I answered not wanting tio ask anymore questions as i diidnt want to sound annoying.

I wonder what he meant by family reasons. This is why i hate the fact of familys because all they do is cause problems that fuck people up until they're beyond repair and no one or thing can fix them and they just become waste.

Having enough thinking about families and realising that my attempt to talk to Harry was't going to work I took my earphones, cigerettes and lighter out of my pocket. I put in my earphones and played Green Day and put a cigerette between my lips and lit taking a drag and blowing it out.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder so i turned to see harry saying so mething to me so i took my earphones out.

"What are you listening to?" He asked looking genuinly intrested.

"Green Day" I replied

"I love Green Day" He smiled

"You're not just saying that are you?"

"No why?"

"Well most people will just say that when they don't know who the fuck they are"

"Well I know who the fuck they are"

"Favourite track?" I asked

"Probably Holiday or Cigerettes and Valentines I can't decide what about you?"

"Holiday too" I smile

"What's on  now?"

"Oh Love wanna listen?" I ask taking another drag of my cigerette

"Sure" he said so I gave him the earphone so we had one each. Then I reached into my pocket again and handed Harry my cigerettes and lighter asking him if he wanted one, he looked at me and took one smiling and sayin thanks.

The rest of the jourey consisted of smoking the whole pack of my cigerettes and nicking a few from Louis and listening to Green Day. I felt like I clicked with Harry, even though we've only had one proper conversation but its like thats the only thing we needed and we could just sit there in silence and be perfectly comfortable. However I felt like I was letting my guard down a bit and i was softening up to him, I need to make sure that never happens and remain the way I have been for the past 5 years completely hard and seem non breakable.

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