"Hey." Javier smiled as he saw the peaceful unconscious, Jessie lying on her hospital bed, connected to all the different types of drips and heart monitors.

Sammie and the rest of us looked at Javier like he was a mad man.

"Sammie go take a shower!" I commanded,
"Yes ma'am." Sammie joke saluted and walked out of the door towards the staff showers, where in his spare time liked to chat up all the nurses.

"I'm sorry I got you into this mess ya know Jessie, it was never my intention. I'm sorry that you had to leave without even a goodbye. I'm sorry that everything with my dad got out of hand once he found out. But I'm more sorry Jess, I never found you, until it was too late. I'm just too sorry more than mere words can express." Javier sighed holding Jess' wire connected hand.
"She understands." I sighed sadly,
"Does she? I left her all alone after two travesties, while I lived it up in hospital and in a care home. She suffered. She was never supposed to and she did. Should she forgive me or even merely understand?" Javier started to tremble with the emotional pain.

"What happened?" Nessie and Niall asked as they burst through the hospital room door.
Javier looked around as he flinched from the sudden appearance.
"Javier?!" Niall burst out...

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