Chapter Eight

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He'd turned human again after sensing no one was nearby to see him or his currently naked form coming through the clearing, his ruined clothes in hand were soiled with dirt and blood. Before he could get to the house, Victoria threw the door open and looked at him with shock. The sky had turned to a faded deep blue as stars began to show through and the moon was slowly rising.


He took a breath, remained silent, and walked up to her. She stood aside, letting him walk in to both parents standing in the hall. He stared at them both, the clothes in front of him covering himself up somewhat.

"Where were you? You had us worried!" Laura said.

"Can I get cleaned up and dressed first?" he asked.

"Yes, yes. Go do that." Spoke Jack.

He went upstairs and grabbed clothes;  then back down he went into the hall devoid of life where then he walked into the bathroom and cleaned up. Half an hour later, a much cleaner and clothed William walked out to the sitting room, the evening light filtering through closed windows.

"Now, tell us where you've been and what happened." said Jack with an authoritive tone.

"I'm sure Wolfy can tell you if you can't figure it out already." He sat down onto a seat.



Tension hung in the air as they were silent, the two males staring each other down, the two females looking between each other and them with concern and anticipation.

"That's not how you should talk to me, son."

"Am not your son."

"You are my son now and I am your father. I deserve respect as it says in the Bible so give me it now and tell us where you've been and what you did." He said with anger.

"You aren't my father, no matter what you say. And quit bringing up the Bible! Haven't you noticed that when you do that it only makes things worse? I swear you're trying to make me hate God." he replied harshly.

"I'm not trying to make you hate Him; I'm telling you what you need to do because that's what He says. So obey, like God has commanded you to in the Bible."

"There you go again! Bringing up the Bible, making me more angry especially since I had just told you not to!"

"I am only jus--"

"Jack," Laura said, "Just stop mentioning the Bible in this, okay?"

He stared at her, "Fine." Looking back at Benjamin, he spoke more calmly. "Will you please tell us what happened?"

The inferno of anger and hatred that had been burning inside of him slowly began to cool, but it would never burn down completely. "I left, I took a walk, somehow ended up back at the... and the man there, he, he..." He was somewhat confused still.

"Reverend Billings, we know about that."

"Suppose you would, can't expect to keep it a secret. Well, can't expect her to keep it secret at least." He looked over at Victoria who grimaced from his stare.

"Will," said Laura, "Just tell us what happened in the woods today. We know, what happened to the..."

He told them: "Don't know how I got there of all places, but I did. And like the pastor, the coroner seemed to know everything too and he had to be silenced."

Silence filled the heavy atmosphere for a few seconds, a bird could be heard singing somewhere outside. "Just like that? You killed him like..." Jack snapped his fingers.

"Wasn't 'just like that', but yes. I killed him. There wasn't an alternative."

"There's always an alternative."

"No, there's not."

"Oh? Like when?"

"You don't want me to answer that."

"Yes, I do."

The rage boiled up quickly and hatred that Will couldn't understand why it was there or so strong coursed through his veins. "Well, we can look at Laura's predicament here. Find an alternative to that."

"That was uncalled for, William." His 'father' glowered.

"You asked for it."

"Go to your room." He said through clenched teeth.

He laughed, and got up with a smile of sorts then climbed the stairs to his room where he closed the door loudly.


An hour later, a kerosene lamp lighting the room near his bed, he read from a book titled The Lone Ranger Rides North. He was finding it mildly amusing. Heck, he found all of today amusing. A knock sounded softly on his door.

Setting the tan book face-down on his bed, he strode to the door and opened it, his smiling face shadowed from the lack of a hall light. "Hola, Wolf Pup."

"Hola..." She said.

"So what's their reaction?"

"Worried, scared, angry, upset..."

He moved back and gestured for her to enter, then closed the door and sat beside her on the edge of his bed. "As to be expected. Heh."

"It isn't funny, Will."

"Haven't you noticed? Everything's funny today."

"No." She looked at the flame in the lamp's glass chimney as it slowly danced and cast shadows on the walls and ceiling.  

"Attempt at humor, but okay. So, what did you come here to talk about?"




"What about me?"

She  stayed quiet a moment, then looked at him and said: "They don't know what to do about you."

"What do you mean?"

Slowly she spoke again, "They are discussing...."

"Discussing?" he pressed.

"Everything from sending you away to caging you every night and keeping you in sight all day."

"Not exactly gonna help. I can get back or get out. What was the saying again... 'Give me liberty or give me death'?"

"They're not going to  cage you... Don't think we could fit one big enough here. " She showed a wan smile.

"True. What then do you expect they'll do?"

"I don't think they can do anything."

"None can tame the savage beast within me." he laughed. "You'd have to kill me to do anything."

"We're not gonna kill you..."

"I know."

More silent seconds passed by. "I don't know anymore," she said, trying not to cry. "I, I just..." She left it unfinished.

He hugged her warmly, rocking her gently as she held onto him. "I know, Tori. I know."

The rest of their time was spent like that, silent, contemplative. The night's air sat heavy upon the Axon residence.


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