Chapter 6

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~at penny shower~

*penny pov*

I saw Emily walk in and grab a chair and sit she only said hi to my mom and not me she so rude and my mom wants me to talk to her ha

Then EJ came in

Penny:hey bae

EJ: hey boo what Emily doing her

Penny: I don't know

She looks up from her phone

Emily: may I help you

EJ: yeah you can help me by leaving

Emily: woah calm down player Boy

EJ: don't call me a player boy

Emily: I just did

EJ: look don't come here and disrespect me and my girlfriend and my child again

Emily: I did talk about your precious child

EJ: look get out

Emily: you can't kick me out I'm family un like you your only pregnancy scare number 4

EJ : no I'm not

Emily: where was protective EJ when you were going with me huh


Emily:oh know you quiet, I'm going to make your life a living hell if you don't leave me alone

Emily : penny get your boyfriend

Emily: mom I'm out say thank you to dumber and dumbest

And she walked out like that

*emily pov*

I can't belive I went there to support penny but instead I get disrespected around family oh no honey boo I ain't letting that happen

Sorry short chapter


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