Chapter 3

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My eyes swiftly move to each person in the room and land on her. My mother. She stares at me blankly in her white doctors coat.

"How are you feeling?" She asks

"Like you care" I scoff sitting up, She looks taken back

"Of course I care"

"Yeah you totally do because caring is blanking out the world and leaving your daughters to survive on thier own!" I shout sarcastically "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEVER CARED DID YOU! JUST GO BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" No tears even threaten to spill because she doesnt deserve my tears. She walks out and my eyes scan over the two that were talking. Haymitch and Peeta. I smile a bit. 

"I will give you two some time" Haymitch says before walking out. I turn to Peeta.

"Im sorry" He begins "I never meant to hurt you, I hope you know I would never ever hurt you on purpose and even if I-"

"Peeta, Shhh! Its Okay I understand and I know you would never hurt... me" He looks into my eyes

"Okay friends?" He asks

"No" His face drops "Bestfriends!" I smile and hug him. I may not be Peeta's but I have him back. I am so thankful of that. 

"We can start fresh" He says "And if it goes further well we will follow it" I smile and he mirrors me Starting fresh, just what I need. 

"When do I get out of this hell hole?" 

"Right now you just need to sign the papers" HE hands them to me and I sign them.

We walk out of the hospital and he grabs my hand and swings it backwards and forwards and I smile.

"What are we doing today Best friend?" I ask beaming at him

"What ever you want bestfriend!" We are so cheesy!

"Lets go to the meadow!" I exclaim like a little kid and begin to run, pulling him behind me, to the meadow. Laughing. Something I havnt done for a while. It feels nice to be free. Make my own choices. We sit next to eachother in the meadow just looking out to the distance. Theres a soft breeze but its quite sunny. I lay my head on Peeta's shoulder. We may only be bestfriends but i think were both determined to be more than that. Alot more. I hope. Maybe he is only saying this to be nice. What if he doesnt like me? What if he is uncomfortable with all of this? I take my head off his shoulder and sit straight he looks at me confused. I shake my head and he just looks back to the distance. So do I and am carried away by thoughts.

We head home when it becomes dark and split ways at Victors village. As I enter my house I silide down the door. Smiling. Maybe life is coming back together. Maybe I can fix this. My heart aches for Peeta but I only just left him. Being alone sucks. In this empty house filled with ghosts. I can't stand this house and all its memories. I see that stupid cat coming round the corner and mewoing at me.

"Shut up cat!" I shout throwing my head back and banging it against the door. Ouch! I rub my head and go upstairs to sleep. Only to be found in a sleep full of nightmares. 

I am running. Running through the woods and I hear a hovercraft behind me. I trip over a log and turn back to see the hovercraft picking up someone. Peeta.

"No!" I scream. I left him and now they have him "Please!" I know he is dead because this is The Hunger Games and the only time hovercraft appears are when they are picking up body's "Peeta!" I cry out falling to my knee's "Peeta" My body is shaking and I can't control my breaths "Im Sorry, Peeta!" My voice turns into a whisper and I just croak out one last word "I-" Before it goes pitch black

I wake up sweating and screaming and run out of bed and go all the way over to Peeta's house without a second thought. I bang on the door and I begin crying my eyes out. I can't do this alone. He awnsers with his sexy bed head. I dissmiss it and just walk straight into his arms as he opens them. I sob into his top and he strokes my head while trying to sooth me. I sit on the sofa with him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks. I shake my head gently. I don't. What was I trying to say at the end? I... I what? Its like my body is trying to tell me something. Before I can go into deeper thoughts I fall asleep in Peeta's lap.

I wake in a bed. My eyes dart around in the unfamilar sorroundings and I shoot up. Panting heavily. Thats when I look to the side and see Peeta on the floor sleeping. Poor Peeta! Why didnt he take the bed? I shift his head and put a pillow under it then get a blanket and place it over him. I kiss his forehead and walk back to my house. I need to figure out my feelings. Because love is powerful and can do anything. Do I love him? I don't even know. I don't know how I feel. I barely recognize who I am anymore...



What  are Katniss' feelings?

What was she going to say at the end of that dream?

Does she love him?

Why is her mother back?

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