Dungeons and Squids

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Uhhgg, I said. I woke up in a room of some kind, with almost no light. There were cobblestone walls and a moss stone

floor. I stood up and walked toward a wall, and It had iron bars. I was in a jail cell.Then, it all came back to me, the

squid general, the cake, the attack."GREAT, JUST GREAT" I yelled. I suddenly remembered my broken rib, and fell to

the floor."JASON!.....no answer.....TY!........no answer.....JEROME!!.......no answer.Something was definently wrong

here,well,everything had gone wrong since I was attacked."Sky" a voice said, outside my cage.What do you want with

me! I shouted. Your battle is with me!, leave my friends out of this!

"Oh, but they make such good test subjects."

FOR WHAT? I shouted in rage.

"Oh,you'll find out soon enough."

WHAT?!?!?!??! Fight me coward! I screamed.And with that, he left me in my cell.Well, first things first, I have to find a

way out of my cell. I felt my holster. My budder sword was gone. But then I remembered the budder knife I keep in my

shoe for emergencies. I took my shoe off, and opened the little compartment in the sole of the shoe that has the budder

knife. Yes, the hadn't found it. I began filing away at the bars, and I soon broke through them. Yes! I whisper-yelled.

Now for my friends, I said. Suddenly, I heard footsteps outside my cell.I quickly snook a look at the people coming

toward my cell. They were only guard squids. I quickly formulated a plan, and took action. I hid behind the door,

making sure I was completely hidden. The guards walked past my cell, checking it.WHERE IS HE?!?!?!? One of them

shouted. They opened the door, and I backed up against the wall. When their backs were to me, I took my budder knife

and stabbed one of them in the back and grabbed the other ones head and smashed it against the wall. One of them had a

lapis knife in his belt, so I stole it and the 3 cooked pork-chops he had with him. Ok sky, I said to calm myself, all you have

to do is rescue your friends and defeat a squid army and my nemeses. Shut up Sky, I said to myself in my head, you're

making things worse for yourself. "Okay" I silently said to myself."Let's do this"

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