I can't feel the pain anymore. As a vampire we heal fast but our cuts leave nasty scars. I have two, one running from my shoulder blade to the middle of my stomach and another from my middle thigh to my foot. My skin suit is horribly damaged. Oh how I wish Monica wouldn't have ran away so we could have had an actual fight. You couldn't take her on. You're  weak

"One question," I ask Lucian while we walk along the edge of the forest. "you said that Monica wouldn't try to kill me. What the hell!" I screamed. My hand swats the back of his head. Oops, my limbs seem to have a mind of their own. Lucian stops walking, Daphne bumps into him.

"That wasn't a question. That was physical abuse. And Monica didn't hurt you." I looked at him. Who else would it be?

"Who was it then?" I ask both Daphne and Lucian.

"Someone I handled." Lucian grunts. Daphne pulls me toward the other side of the forest edge. City lights glare in the sunlight light. We've found the city.

I have to say, I am very surprised that Monica was the only threat we faced during our two and a half day trip. I'm not. Well no one gives a damn what you think, Bob. 

Who is Bob? You.

I have a name. It's not Bob. What is it then?

Marvalou. I prefer Bob. 

The way to the city was walking down a steep hill that leads to a dirt road. The dirt road then leads to a paved road. And boom a bright city. I don't know what this city is called and I don't care. I'm hoping that we can stay hidden here for a while. My family and I walk down the hill. The sun is setting, it will be dark soon.

Certain cities are known for harvesting certain creatures. I know what creature this city is harvesting. The hill cuts short and Daphne and I are on the dirt road. Lucian is trailing slowly behind us, he smells them too. They smell like dead human and dog. They're close. Maybe some of them have smelled us as we smelled them. On the left side of the dirt road is a grassy plain. The grass is at least my height, a perfect spot for them to hide in. With night coming around we'd be dead before we even got to the city.

Lucian, now besides me, nods for me to go ahead. He wants us to run to the city. He takes Daphne's hand and run ahead. I start to run as well but quickly pass them. I run into the city looking for an abandoned building or something like it. The humans walking around don't notice me, my suit isn't even fully working. Talk about poorly trained human eyes.

I pass a dark alley when a guy yells out to me "Hey! Hey you!" I stop to look around, he must be talking to someone else. No way could a human see me running that fast and have time to say something. The speed of sound is way slower than me, Does Not Compute. He runs toward where I'm standing, slowly might I add. I can see the outline of him. He's taller than I am and looks more masculine too. He has a limp in his left leg. It isn't until he gets closer that I'm able to see him fully. He has blonde hair in a that hangs slightly over his eyes, which are dark brown like mine use to be. I don't want to kill him, but I might have too once he gets close enough.

Finally, we are standing face to face. He wears a black leather jacket and jeans. His eyes look filled with secrets. He grins at me, it's a lopsided grin that would make any girls heart flutter. Good thing I don't have one. He looks as if he's trained to seduce girls and has done it many times before. His teeth are glowing white, not what I was expecting from a guy who came out of an ally. Everything about him screams dangerous and I have to say it's turning me on.

"Hey" he whispers sending chills down my back. He's trying to be seductive, silently stroking my arm. We make extreme eye contact, I can't turn away. Looking down at my ripped skin suit, I realized I'm showing some cleavage. Well might as well have fun while I can.

"Hey" I whisper back sexually. Still making eye contact he leans closer, kissing my forehead. Then my neck and shoulder, he pulls back the top of my skin suit to kiss my upper arm. He seems unfazed by my scars. He's nothing but food. If I knew catching humans would be this easy in the city, I would've came a long time ago. I still rather not kill him, just drain him enough to leave him dazed and unconscious. He's still attempting to seduce me by kissing my shoulder, his neck is close enough to my mouth. All I have to do is unravel my fangs and he's as good as mine.

He bit me. Hard.

"Owe you little piece of shit." I yell pushing him so hard he slams against the wall.

"Come on," he smiles "you didn't think I would let you get the first bite did you?" Well damn. Something about his smile was terrifying and sexy at the same time. My hands roam to where he bit me, I can feel the bite marks. How? This guy is completely human. I can smell it.

For the first time in my life I'm rendered speechless.

"I've got to go, cookie," he stares into my eyes "hope to see you again."

His eyes. His smile. So damn perfect, I hate it. Who the hell is he and what the fuck gave him the right to be so damn confident. First bite? Is that some type of human saying? Within seconds, he's gone. What am I thinking? I had the chance to kill him so why didn't I do it? Cause you're weak and he's sexy.

He's a cocky asshole and a creep at best. Forget not wanting to kill him, his death will be by my hands. Or fangs.

I run until I get to a museum and sit on the steps. My mind replays what just happened.

I didn't even get his name. 

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