Hello Korea

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Chapter-3(Hello Korea)

Nicole's POV

Time 6:30am-we’re already here in the airport with my cousin Christian and mika my BFF Dian,My Mother my father my brother is not he’re ‘cause he’s busy with his study.

We’re sitting in the waiting area for our flight

Then afterwhile we decided to go to the plane

And I’m sitting beside mika

Mika? What are you listening at?


What kind of music?


Can I listen it with you?

Oh sure-

The music is so cool- The song was like Girls,Girls,They love, then I did’nt understand the other lyrics ‘cause it’s Korean but I like the song

Who’s the singer?-  I asked mika my couzin mika is a quiet person but when you ask her something she'll answer

It’s a singing group called Got7

Got7?    It’s the first time I heard  this group but their group name is interesting

Mika’s POV

We’re already on the plane ad I’m listening to a music called girls girls girls by got7

What are you listening?- My cousin Cathy asked we’re sitting together


Do you want to listen?

Yes,then I gave her the other side of the earphone and I think she like the music ’cause she asked things about the group.

Nicole's POV

  We arrived at korea at afternoon-actually the place is beautiful it’s my first time being he’re

  Hello! Koreaaaa!-dian shout

Hey! SHHH!

I need to shout you know giving my self a welcome!


Before we live the airport, I’m standing infront of a shop to and and the others are waiting for the language and Dian Is with me.

We’re are they? I told them that I’ll wait here- We're waiting for them about 20mns. I think the airport is really bussy

Just wait,- Dian said

I  was about to enter the shop  to entertain my self and I told Dian to call me if they're already here

but when I'm about to open the door, the door suddenly open and I bump with someone

Ouch! - i just saw the jacket his wearing fell and i see his face

Oh,! Sorry-he was attempting to help me up but people are gathering up then he just leave?! -

Dian's POV

 I, and Nicole decided to wait for here infront of a shop But something happen

Nicole? are you alright? can you stand? - she's on the floor right now- she bumb with someone 

Yes, I can I'm gladd she's not hurt-but that guy on the store he was so mysterious people gathered up because they saw him? 

Then I, and nicole wait for about 5mns. then I saw nicole couzins and parents are coming in the shop - I did not tell anything what happen I'm waiting for nicole to say it.


Who could it be?

Got7 Member?

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