Hold Me Close, Don't Let Go.

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-Vivian's POV

     I shot up in bed as a cold sweat covered me. Stupid nightmares. I realized as Harry sat up that I was crying.

    "Babe. Wow, hey it's alright. Shhh." He said as he held me close and I soaked his bare chest with my tears. I felt numb, cold, everything in my life crashed at once. I felt Harry's hand caress my chin. I looked deep into his eyes as he looked at me. How did I get so lucky to have a man like him. He kissed my forehead as I laid back down safe in his arms.

-Louis' POV

     The morning sun came through the crack in the drapes as I opened my eyes. I rolled over to where Avery had slept only a few nights ago. I could smell her perfume on the sheets, so sweet. I threw back the sheets and crawled out of bed. I had tossed and turned all night not being able to sleep very well.

    As I walked down the stairs to the kitchen, I noticed the mail had come. I slipped on my slippers and walked outside. It was gorgeous out here. I grabbed the mail and went back inside for some tea. I set the mail down on the table as I got my tea. When I turned around to the table an envelope looked very familiar. It was addressed to the house....me. It was similar to something I'd seen at my mother's office. I quickly opened it and didn't want to see what was in my hands. Victor.

     Victor had once worked for my mother but she had fired him after he harassed another employee. It was a bad ending for him and he was an angry man in general. What I didn't understand was why his name was signed at the bottom of this paper. I began to read it, carefully:


    Oh old chap I hope you're well. I of course am doing well...that is with the help of your mother. Yes that's right....mother. Anyway you need to know one thing, she never intended to hurt you this way but it's all she could think of. Go back to your parents or you'll never see you girl Avery again. But one other thing, we could forget your mom, I mean I never cared for her. Tell you what, bring me $100,000 dollars tomorrow night at 11:59 or Avery goes bye-bye.


What in the bloody hell was this. The guys needed to hear this.

-Harry's POV

     "So you're telling us that this Victor guy has Avery. That he wants a large amount of money, without your mom having to find out." I said as we were all gathered in the living room.

     "Take the deal lad. You'll get Avery back!" Zayn spoke up.

     "Wait," Liam interjected. "Who says the money has to be real?"

     "Now I like this a lot better." Niall spoke with a smile on his face. As I looked over at Louis I realized the lads were onto something good. We sat there for hours talking about this plan to get Avery back by tricking Victor. I liked this plan, and it would work.

     I searched the room for Vivian, she was just here. Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. It was her. She was sitting in the window seat staring out of it. She looked so beautiful the way the sun hit her face just right. I walked over to her slowly taking in how perfect she is.

     "Babe. Are you alright?" I asked as I sat down next to her.

     "Oh...uhh...yeah I'm alright, I think," she said with a questioning look on her face. I wrapped my arms around her. I could see the hurt and hope glimmer in her eyes.

     "We're going to get her back....tonight." I whispered as I planted a soft kiss on her cheek. I felt her grip on my shirt tighten and with that she began to sob in my arms, but I was ok with that.

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