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You're the dorky girl in school who doesn't really get noticed or have any friends because all you focus on are your studies. You also don't play sports or get invited to parties like everyone else does. Your parents are really strict and they super duper care for your studies because they want you to get straight A's every semester of every school year, especially college. They are the reason you can't have fun or enjoy your life at least once. So basically your whole life is controlled by your parents because you can't break their rules or disagree on what they say and you can't make your own choices.


You're rushing to school because you know you can't get late. Then suddenly you bumped into this muscular and cute guy with cute black eyes and nice brown hair. He wore a SnapBack and a Bulls jersey with baggy shorts. You never saw him in your whole life, but you think that he's a Bulls fan and is the cool kid in the school. He helps picking up your books quickly so both of you won't be late for class. Then, ,when both of you pick up the Math book your hand touches his. You both look up at each other's eyes and stay frozen for a moment. When you look into his eyes, you see something. Something you never saw in anyone's eyes.

Something special.

Something that makes you feel different. Like you never felt invisible or felt so smart.

And that is a cute, glistening sparkle like the twinkling stars at night.

You realize that you're almost a minute late for class, so you let go of his hand and pick up the book. He was blanked for a second, but he returned to himself. The guy said sorry and ran to class. You ran to class also, but you realized that you forgot something.

His name.

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