Years later

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Mariah P.O.V

So it's been 3years Tianna is 5 Trayvion is 4 and my baby girl Tanieka is 3.after all that jyah is in jail for like 20 years no bail👏👏 me and Corahn have been engaged for 3years and it's going good😁😁 Roc moved to Miami cause they went on tour so they wanted to start their new life as housband and wife...him and Ashley are married. Prod has went solo so now we have a new member named EJ that's my ride or die🚙🚙🚙🔫🔫🔫🔫. Jalae and prince is good with they 2kids they they also bad as hell lol ray and kavonne is ight. Kavonne is koo with me we ight as a friend status ✌️ anyway. remeber Ashley son?? Well his birthday comin up so they want us to all come down there for his birthday roc has not seen his kids only FaceTime😒😒😒 so rude but he has not told them that they have a 4 year old lil sister he got Ashley pregnant. Anyway today is our flight and we are getting ready


Tray-but mom

Mariah-but mom my ass come eat yo breakfast so we can leave. T and Nieka Come down stairs so I can do your hair

So I put tianna hair in a perfect donut and Nieka hair the same after that we got our jackets on and left for Miami

Roc P.O.V

Ashley-bae we have to make sure all of the food is coo-(GCO)

Roc-baby calm down

Ashley-I'm just happy you finally get to see your friends again

Roc-me too

Meloni(Ashley and rocs daughter)-daddy when is brother party

Roc-*picks up meloni* my princess it's tomorrow but today is the greeting with all friends

Meloni-ohk *runs upstairs*

Mariah P.O.V

We got off the plane and went to the hotel room it was nice it was a big room with 3rooms in it one for Trayvion cause he the only boy lol and one room with two beds in it for the girls then another room for me and Corahn.

Mariah-Tianna and Nieka get ready

Nieka-mommy can we play with our 3Ds when we go

Mariah-yea but leave it in the car


Tianna outfit:

-black half hellokitty shirt with hellokitty in pink sparkly letters.

-black high wasted skinny jeans

-black and pink timberlands

Nieka outfit:

-white half shirt with her name in purple sparkly letters

-white high wasted skinny jeans

-white high top vans

Nieka-daddy don't I look cute

Corahn-*pick her up and tickle her*yes you do

Nieka-stop daddy *laughing*

Mariah P.O.V

I was getting ready when Trayvion and Tianna walked in crying holding on to my leg

Mariah-what's wrong

Trayvion-Nieka always get to see her daddy we don't

Tianna-yea he treats her better then he treats us

Mariah-*starting on Tianna hair* no he doesn't he love all of you guys equally

Tianna-yea whatever

Mariah-*finish hair* look in the mirror

Tianna-thanks mommy😊

lol all I did was put it in three braids to the side and a perfect bun on the side

Mariah-c'mon Nieka leggo

Nieka-hey mommy

Mariah-hey baby

Neika-I only want my hair naturally


So i did there hair and I was getting ready. I wore

-black jean high wasted shorts

-half black shirts with DOPE in red letters

-black and red retros 11

-hair in perfect bun

Corahn-look at my bae lookin sexy

Mariah-look at my bae lookin like how he lookin

Corahn- -___- really


Corahn wore

-black and red checkerd plated shirt

-black cacki shorts

-red and black nikes.

Trayvion wore

-cacki shorts

-white shirt that says fresh in red letters

-white Air Force ones

So we buckled the kids up and left the hotel

Roc P.O.V

I knew it was wrong to invite Mariah,she is late... I wanna see my kids I haven't see my kids in a whole 3years...

Ray-Ayee bro

Roc-ma nigga

Ray- yea were Mariah

Roc-ion know she always late to shit man

Meloni-hey daddy

Ray-the fuck who is this?

Meloni-my mommy is Ashley and my daddy is roc,I'm daddy princess and baby girl and only baby girl.

Ray-have you told her ab-(GCO)


Ray-hahahah hell Finna break loose

Mariah P.O.V

we arrived at the house it's pretty nice and big. We entered the house and....

Tianna-DADDY*run to roc*

Roc-BABYGIRL*pick up Tianna* hey lil man


Roc-awe lil man don grew up??

Trayvion-yea I'm a big brother

Roc- what??


Trayvion-yea my lil sis

Roc; excuse me?

Trayvion; Tanieka is my little sister

Roc;Yo mama had another child?

Trayvion; yup

Meloni;-comes downstars and looks at tianna- excuse you

Tianna; excuse you this my daddy who. You

Melons;what are you Talkin about...

Oh shit..

Sorry guys for not updating I had school and other stuff but here you go

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