chapter 2

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I heard thumping as she ran down the stairs. it was quite for a while. 15 minuites or so. I went to go say something to devon but as soon as I got the words "I wonder" there was a loud bang then a thump. and that's when I knew one of our parents where dead. I coverd my mouth to keep the screams in. but instead it ended up in sobs. I had to clamp both of my hands over my mout the keep my soobs and screams in... so whoever it was wouldn't find us to. there was three other quick bangs and thumps after my attempt to hold in my sobs. I reatched over and grabed devons hand. this wasnt the first time in my life Devon and me had been in danger. but this is the only one where we don't have our parents to save us... we only have eachother.

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