A New Friend?

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Skay padded out the door and turned wolf. She leaped across the rocks and fallen trees. Skay went to another part of the forest that she'd never explored. A weird scent hit her but she kept running. It was a really strange scent like a ghost. But it had a strange thing to it that she couldn't explain. Weird but I ain't afraid of ghosts! I live with killers for damn sakes. Sighing she turned half wolf. It was a comfortable form. She curled up onto a tree branch and closed her eyes.


Skay felt a poke at her side. "No Toby... Five more minutes..." She muttered. Oh wait I'm not I'm not at the house. Her eyes flew open at the thought. She saw a boy staring at her. He was pale and had white hair. He wore a black long sleeve. His gray eyes stared at her. Skay screamed and fell off the branch.

"I- I was just sleeping here. I'm sorry if I disturbed you. Please don't hurt me." Skay whimpered.

"Of course I wouldn't hurt you. Your the first person I seen in years." The boy floated towards her.

He can float!? What is he? Skay stared at him, shaking. He reached out a hand to her. He looked kindly at her.

"Sorry If I scared you." He said and smiled brightly.

Skay was astonished. She took his hand and he lifted her up. "Who are you?"

"A angel to some. A demon to others." He said. "My name is Fade."

"Are you alone?" Skay asked.

"Yes. I've been alone for all these years. I was so excited to see a person." Fade said. "I died here years ago. I was stuck here all alone. When I saw a person I tried to make friends with them, but they screamed and left. When I do make friends they leave and never come back." Fade sat down sadly. "No one wants to be friends with a ghost I realized. So I stopped trying to make some but when I saw you and your wolf features, I thought I had a chance. But you'll leave me too."

Skay didn't know what to say. A ghost wanted to be her friend. Maybe I should... "Hey I'll be your friend. I mean I'm different too."

"You promise." Fade said.

"I promise. My name is Skay and I'm a wolf shifter." Skay smiled. "You look pretty nice!"

Fade blushed and smiled. "T-thanks. You look cute..."

Skay laughed and hugged him. "I'll always be your friend."

"So wanna play?" Fade got up.

"Sure! Tag your it!" Skay tagged him and ran.

"I'm gonna get you!" Fade floated fast towards Skay.

Skay had so much fun. She turned and saw Fade speeding up. He tackled her to the ground.

"Oh I'm so sorry Skay!!!!" Fade got up of her and helped her up.

Skay was laughing so hard she fell down again. "That was awesome Fade! You really are great!"

"Really?" Fade seemed to blush. "I'm just really happy I have a friend. Forever."

They kept playing all kinds of games. Skay taught Fade about the forest and mountains. She told him about her family. Fade was deep in interest. Skay told him almost everything. She turned wolf and howled. Fade smiled at her. Skay realized it was getting late.

"I have to go Fade." Skay turned human and got up. "Home." She began to walk away when Fade grabbed her hand.

"Please don't leave, Skay! I thought you were my friend." Fade whimpered.

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