Harry's P.O.V.

That pathetic little Luigi... Who does he think he is. I mean he cannot just step in someones life and just ruin everything. Just the way he flirts without shame with Violet drives me nuts. Where does he even come from? I never saw him before and in the blink of an eye he is there and always in the most inappropriate moments. I just really hate him. But the worst thing is that Violet sees so much good in him and I look beside him like a dork.

I mean I don't have those pretty blue eyes that every girl adores and I am damn it not blond. I didn't know that Vi even likes blond guys not that she ever tells me those things. Because if she told me that I would keep her away. I know I sound like a jealous grifriend but if you knew the whole story you would react the same way.

And now I sit here forever alone on that shitty couch. Who the hell brings a couch to a beachparty? As I dare a look at Violet and Leonardo, I see them talk. Nothing interesting I guess. But just in that moment Vi seems confused about something that Lloys said. And then it happended. I could flip out. They. Are. Kissing. 

I deeply breath to hold back my anger. He is so dead. I walk to them but someone holds me back by putting his hand on my shoulder. I turn my head to that person who just ruined my murderous attack and see him... How dare he coming back after what he did to her?I just saw Violet and Lonnie snogging and now him .I can't keep myself any longer and punshed him straight in his stupid face.

Violet's P.O.V 

Where were we? Oh yeah...His lips where smashed against mine....

It was definitely a special kiss but it doesn't last long because it's interrupted by shouts. We pull apart and see where those shouts are coming from. A circle of peope is formed and apperently something interesting is in the middle of that circle.

I look around to find Harry but he was no where to find. A bit worried I make my way to the people with Luke who seems as strange as me. 

We arrive and I spare through the crowd and there I see Harry punshing some guy's face multiple times on the floor. Harry is like changed. He isn't more that sweet, adorable Hazza like I know him. He is really angry and every kindness is washed away. 

I run to him and try to pull him off the boy on the floor. I don't have the feeling that it hepls 'cause he is still fighting. Luke acts in the right way unlike the other who are staring at us. He runs to Harry, the boy and me and pulls Harry off the guy with much more power than I. They both stumble and I finally can see the damaged face of that boy which is now covered in blood.

No! It can't be. The person I want the most out of my life is on the floor. Dylan O'Brien...                       My ex, Harry's ex-best friend, also my ex-best friend...he has many titles but one I thought he would never have anymore: a part of my life...

Alright you might be confused by now. Me too if I wasn't protagonist in that piece of drama. I know you might be bored about the story of my life (see what I did here ;)? ) but otherwise you wont understand why Harry punched the shit out of Dylan and why I could just fall back to my previous-me.

How it all began...:


Sorry but the whole story would have been too long for one chapter and you would've been  confused as well so I'll update soon and in that chapter will be the story behind Violet, Dylan and Harry....It'll be kind of a flashback...

Hope you enjoyed the really really short chapter( srry about that ) it wont happen again

love you <3 :))


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