|When they go to the back|

Gabby's pov:Adam took me behind the building and hid us so no one could see.

"What is it that you wanna say?" Adam reminded me.

"Were we drunk last night?"

"What do you mean-"

"I'm talking about when i hit my head last night, did i fall on something or were we drunk cuz this morning, my head was hurting badly and i don't know why, maybe it was cuz of-" I got cut off by Adam's lips planting on mine. "W-What was that-"

"I love you." He told me, i was speechless.


"Gabby, i love you. I-I know i'm gay but, when you said you liked me, i couldn't help but like you back and last night, we got drunk when we got home and...we fucked." He ex-wait...WHAT!? HE MEANS TO TELL ME I HAD SEX WITH THE GLAMGOD OF GLAMNESS!?!?!?!? HOLY SHIT!!!

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