Chapter 1

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The silver lined blade reflected the moonlight directly into my sky blue eyes. It started to move. Slowly the blade edged towards the neck of its victim. Tearing through the air like paper, creating a hairline slash. The sharp blade ripped apart her flesh spewing warm cherry blood. The beholder knew no mercy.

I saw no fear in her hazel eyes. The once brave warrior slaughtered, on her own land, in her own village, within her own home. Who could do such a thing? The dark figure emerged from the shadows, wearing nothing but a black, skintight jumpsuit. Who is this? Why do this? The smell of the damp wood filled the air. I had to stay in the shadows to avoid being seen. Her blood was slowly being absorbed by the planks, and yet a puddle formed. Her mouth continued to move, attempting to speak but no words uttered from her limp mouth. A faint whisper glided into my ear. 'Let fait be there to guide you'.

The black boot of the murderer placed firmly onto the warriors side, pushing her onto her front. My eyes swelled. Warm, salty tears began to roll off my dirty cheeks. I had to keep quiet, my life may depend upon it. The figure edged back into the shadows, slowly opening the door ajar. The bright moonlight filled the open space, leaving the wooden hut.

I climbed the structure, my feet bare, splintered and cut. I crawled over to the once great warrior, her thick blood now cold. I pressed my index finger onto her neck, no pulse. I can't say I expected life to still remain but I had to check, it's the least I could do.

Avengence flowed my vains.

I swore my revenge.


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