The day after the worst chirstmas

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Sunday 26th December 7:15am Gavin's p.o.v

It's the morning after the worst Christmas we're going to see Faye today lets hope she's alive I get out of bed and put my #fanenough shirt on and a pair of shorts as it's sunny today I walk out into the kitchen my mom and dad are there talking whilst my mum is making breakfast my dad says," hey g you ready your today?" I reply," sort of," Avia comes in and says," hey Gavin," she didn't seem her usual self she seemed really down I reply," hey Avia Are you ok? You seem quite down," she replies," yeah I'm ok," i walk into the living room where Carlie Steve kayli logan Casey and emmi were sitting and talking I sit next to logan he says," hey bud you ok?" I shake my head and logan asks," what's up bud you wanna talk alone?" We get up and go to my mum and dad's room logan shuts the door we sit on the bed I say," logan, it was me it was me that killed Faye," I start to cry logan replies," no it wasn't bro don't be silly!" I reply," logan I kissed her and her heart monitor went it was me I know it!" Then we hear my mum shout," Logan Gavin we're leaving now come on let's go!" Me and logan got up and walked downstairs I grabbed my shoes and Faye beanie and put it on then my shoes I could feel my eyes fill up with tears soon enough we was in the hospital parking lot I get out the car my dad puts his arm around me and says," hey stay strong bro Faye wouldn't like too see you like that!" I smile as we walk into the hospital I walk up to the desk with the family my mum said to the desk lady," we are here to see Faye sugg," it crushes me even to hear her name the woman said," the girl who got put in hospital for trying to kill herself she's in room 507 floor 4 take the elevator it's quicker!" The woman behind the desk sniggered when she said the girl who got put in hospital for killing her self once we got in the elevators I got more and more nervous once we got to floor 4 and room 507 the doctor said," we can only have three at a time who's going first?" Me, my mum and dad step forward I put my hand on the door handle and slowly opened it I look up at Faye's body all I hear is beep beep I look at her heart monitor it's going again! I go over to her and hold her hand and whisper," hey Faye if you can hear me squeeze my hand or give me a smile" she squeezed my hand

Faye's p.o.v: 7:18am


It's boring in this room I want to be home with Avia and emmi singing frozen songs at the top of our lungs at the early hours of the morning or cuddling with Gavin when I'm sick or helping colette with cooking and daxton or helping shay with editing my nurse Claire walks in and says," hey Faye Avia is on the phone for you!" She passes me the phone

Me: hi Avia

Avia: hey Faye how are you feeling

Me: good better than yesterday

Avia: good hang on I will get My mum

Colette: hey honey just on our way we'll see you soon!

Me: bye Colette

I put the phone down Claire says," you need to get some sleep ring if you need anything I nod and drift off to sleep watching frozen

One hour and twelve minutes later........

I hear the handle of my door being pushed down I decided to keep my eyes closed then I could hear footsteps coming closer and closer then I felt someone hold my hand and the voice said," hey Faye if you can hear me squeeze my hand or give me a smile!" I squeezed the persons hand I opened my eyes and I saw colette shay and Gavin looking at me colette says," Faye You're alive!" And she gives me a hug I hug back shay says," it's good to have you back little one!" I laugh at shays nickname that's what my dad called my mum Gavin said," it's good to have you back little one the girls haven't been singing frozen!" I laugh and say," it feels good to be back where's Av and em?" The girls come running in Avia starts to sing," it's coronation day!"

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