The Fairy Tail Descendants

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Legacy's POV

My older sister, Lara, has been my "mother" for as long as I can remember. She is a year older than me, and acts like she's ten years older. Yet, at the very same time, I am a bit more mature than she is. Today is not a very fun day for Lara and I. We are switching schools once again. This will be the seventh or eighth time that we have, and I hope it will be the last. We both have never once had friends, nor anyone besides ourselves that we could trust. All I want is for this year, or at least what's left of the year, to be a good one. But I am not sure that it is going to be. So many people are discriminative about magic users. Or in other words, mages. If anyone here figures this out, we will be picked on, shoved, cursed, and yelled at, for no apparent reason. People these days just don't like mages and wizards like us. All because we're different.

Both Lara and I are currently walking to school. Or more specifically the office of the school, to get our schedules for our classes. Several people saw our uniform on the way their, and they started whispering. Just like they always do. Probably already starting rumors before we even start the school day. Before we even officially are going to that school. I hate it because so many people aren't afraid of us. They're afraid of the change that we bring with us. All Lara and I have ever done, is help people. We have never hurt anyone that hadn't done anything wrong. I was snapped out of my thoughts when we reached the front office door. I really hope this is going to be a good year.

Lara's POV

Well, Legacy and I just walked into the principals office to get our schedules. When we walked in, there was very dull color on the walls, a mahogany desk, and a slightly chubby man sitting behind it. The room was set up in a fancy mannner. It had a very weird aura however. Like it had seen something that no human has ever thought or dreamwd of seeing. It was weird. I had never had a feeling like that. The chubby man I presumed to be the principal finally spoke up. "Welcome ladies. I hope you will enjoy our school for the remainder of the year. Here are your schedules. I made sure that you two had the same schedule." I grabbed the schedules and said a simple thank you before leaving the room. I never liked talking to people. That was always Legacy's thing. But she was in her own thoughts today, for reasons I didn't know.

We were walking down the hall, and a certain boy had caught my eye. Not in the way you'd think though. He had a very pwerful energy source coming from him. He smelled like another dragon slayer... Don't judge me, we dragon slayers can smell something and tell what it is, from a mile away. And he smelled like a dragon slayer. I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going and I ran right into somebody. I got knocked over, along with my books. Legacy started to pick my books up with me. "You damn slut! Watch where you're going!" I don't get it. I didn't run into her. She yanked me up, and slammed me against the lockers, the locks jabbing my back. I showed no pain. I was used to this.

Just then a dark red haired girl yanked her off of me, and threw her against the other side of lockers. She then said, "If you want to pick on the new students, you need a new hobby. Like getting your ass kicked by me for doing so." The red head let her go, and then tur ed back to Legacy and I. "Are you two OK?" If getting used to this kind of behavier towards me was OK. Then yes I was. "I'm fine. I'm used to i-" I clamped my hand over my mouth as I said this, only to get a sympathetic look from the red head. "Well I'm not going to question your reasons for letting her do that to you. My name is Erin Scarlet. I'm a magic user, and I'm not afraid to prove it." I can't believe she just announced that without worrying what others would do to her. But then again, she seemed pretty determined from what I just saw. And heard at that.

I stood there for a minute, and then replied. "My name is Lara Odaye. And this is my sister Legacy Odaye...," I got a little more quiet. "We are both magic users." She looked at me with a funny look and said, "There isn't any need for you to be quiet about it. You should be proud of it. I don't know what kind if magic you have, but I can change my armer and weapons as I please with my magic. My aunt is Erza Scarlet." That was pretty cool. I guess. I'd heard the name before, probably when Legacy was babbling on about the "Greatest Team in Fairy Tail". Most of the people here, were related to the long-dead Fairy Tail members in some way. Erin seemed like a nice person, but who's to say for sure? I mean, the only person I have ever trusted in my entire life, was Legacy. And she's my sister, why wouldn't I trust her?

I didn't even realise that I had started walking again, and Legacy and Erin were right beside me. I need to start paying more attention. Especially to the people around me. After all, Legacy and I just started our schooling here. Everyone else has the advantage of already knowing each other, and who to stay away from. I'm happy because, since this is a high school, the grades share different classrooms, so Legacy and I were able to get into all of the same classes. I just want to have a good year, and have real friends.

Ryker's POV

I was sitting in my usual seat, and watching the door, just as I would on any other day. The teacher said that we were getting new students, and that we should treat them fairly and all that jazz. I just wanted to meet them. Right as I thought this, two girls walked into the room. They both had long black hair, and the same face shape. But that is where the similarities pretty much ended. The shorter one had her hair in a braid, and two different colored eyes. One was gold and one was red. The taller one had her hair down, and also had two different colored eyes. One was green, and one was blue. The teacher was probably trying to find out where to seat them, since the room was set up in groups of four. But to my surprise she says, "Sit wherever you like, ladies. And choose wisely, wherever you choose will be where you sit for the rest of the year."

That's even better. There are lots of seat open. They're not going to choose my group. I am the only one that sits at my group, besides Glitch. But he isn't here, that or he's skipping again. To my surprise, once again, they sat at my table, which earned them a couple of weird looks. The taller one got a notebook out of her satchel and started writing something down. After she was finished, she slid the paper onto my desk. I unfloded it and it said:

'My name is Lara, and I want to know something. What is up with your energy level? Don't say you don't know, because I know that you can use magic.'

This girl is pretty straightforward. I got my pencil out of my pocket and wrote back.

'Well, yea I do use magic. My name's Ryker Davis. I'm a metal dragon slayer. And you smell like one as well. What kind of magic do you have? Talk to me after class.'

Right as I passed the note back, she read it. And nodded her head. The tea her noticed this and said, "If you have something to say, wouldn't you like to share with the class, Ms.Odaye?" She looked at the teacher and replied. "Why yes I would like to share." The teacher motioned for Lara to stand up and she did. She even walked to the front of the classroom. Then she started talking again. "I just wanted to share my opinion about the awful outfit you're wearing. I mean plaid? Knee-high socks? A hat? Buckle-up shoes? Really? That is so eighties!" The entire class erupted with laughter as Lara walked back to her seat, leaving a very flustered teacher behind her. "Young lady! I do say, bite your tongue!"

The class was laughing so much, a couple of students were actually falling out of their seats. Lara however, just kept that emotionless facade. Legacy just sat there, like she was dead or something. It was weird. I have never seen someone so... Done with the world as her. It kind of shocked me a little bit. I expected the newbies to be some sort of shy bunch, but this is a half and half situation here. Or so I think, it could be something else.

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