~_~Connor's POV~_~

I have had the best christmas in a while today. I loved my presents and I loved seeing Cathrine happy. I just love Cathrine, the way she smiles, the way she dresses, the way she laughs. She is just perfect. 

'Today was amazing' Cathrine said to me.

'I totally agree.' I replied 'Does your head still hurt?' I added

'No its fine' Cathrine tells me while climbing in to bed.

'Thats good then, you really scared me' I told her. She really did scare me. I got in to bed next to her. Cathrine switched off the light and snuggled in to my chest. I moved down the bed a bit to get a bit more comfortable. I closed my eyes slowly and started to drift to sleep. 'I love you Connor' Cathrine said. Im glad we feel the same. 


Sorry its short, its just a filler. 

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