Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 :)

Matts POV

So we all walk to the park. What they didn't know is that there's gonna be a fair at the park. We rented it and invited the town to come.

"Ok both of you close your eyes. No peeking. I mean it!"

Me and Nash lead them to the carnival part.

"Ok, open."

"Oh my gosh!" Maritza says in excitement.

"Wow! How come I didn't hear about this carnival? I mean I live like 2 blocks away." Sarah says

"Me and Matt rented it out. But we invited the town to come too."

Maritzas phone buzzes.

"It's from Emily. Brent woke up!"

"Really? Im so relieved." Says Sarah well, relieved.

"Well at least one of us should go." I say.

"I'll go!" Sarah says

"I'll go too." Says Nash

"No you stay. I'll go alone."

"I don't care. I'm still coming."

She just rolls her eyes

"Fine but you're driving."

So they leave and it's just me and Maritza.

"Let's go on some rides!" She says pulling my arm.

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