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" Yes." Adrian answered listening to the sounds.

"Shit. She's too young to be an agent." Quinn scoffed.

" But appearently she's useful than you." Adrian mumbled just as we were interupted by a gun shot. Or a whooshing sound as the bullet came through the door.

"Go." Adrian pushed Quinn back and threw open the door. Bullets came flying inside and as Adrian was there to take care of that I put on a cap to cover my face and sneaked out through the window.

There was another unlocked to the next room and I quickly and carefully made my way to the other.

I opened the door and peeped inside. There was a woman sleeping inside so I tiptoed across the room and opened the door to the silent gunshot exchange.

There were two men shooting and another two backing them up from behind.

I aimed for them and shoot one in the shoulder and other on the leg.

Both of them fell down grunting as they started to shoot my way repeatedly.

" This was an easy work. There's something tricky." I whispered to myself and when I felt a gun behind my back I knew my instinct was right.

" Of course there is. You daddy's too stubborn and nosey. So we have to teach him a lesson, don't we?" A female voice whispered to my ear.

And I felt a knife blade run across my spine cutting in barely just enough to spill blood.

I clenced my teeth not moving because I knew that's what she wanted. To make a messy death. That's what killing soldiers did to leave a message.

And she didn't know I was one of them. I turned my palm to her and let the heat rush to my palm and burn the woman.

As I hoped she jumped back flinching and I took my chance to jump away and turn to her.

My breath hitched as I recognized her. " Susie." That's what we named her. She was three years older than us and was good at using knives. She had a good aim.

She ducked her head to a side and observed me.

" A traitor is to die in the most painful and slow way." She snarled at me before threwing me a knife.

It sank in to my thigh making me cry in pain.

" Aww... Does it hurt? What a shame. You aren't suitable to us anymore. You're weak and whine like a pathetic girl." She lunged at me and I stared to fight her.

But she was fast and never lost her hitting. And with another kick I went flying and dropped to ground crying in pain.

Susie came to me probably to finish me up but suddenly a huge and dark animal broke in to the room startling us.

" What the..." Before Susie could say anything the huge animal ripped her to parts while I laid there with closed eyes.

I didn't want to know what it was. Adrian. That was the beast. It was huge even than an African lion and the fur was brown and looked soft.

It wasn't ugly. Almost look like a wolf. No a lion. It had long fur around his head like a lion. But the tail was like a wolf's.

I laid there grunting in pain when a soft snout touched my face and nudged me.

I opened my eyes to that face hoping for a fear to take over myself. But it was not huge as I thought. My hands were shaking as I touched it's fur.

It wasn't dirty or disgusting. It was soft. I sank my fingers in to that fur and sighed in relief.

"Thank you." I whispered and laid on the floor again as I felt my body shut down from the pain and exhaustion.

"Shit Sam. Get away from it. It would rip you apart." Quinn cursed coming to the room and the beast stood from the sitting posture and growled at Quinn. It was angry toward him. And I knew why. Adrian wasn't my biggest fan. But the beast cared for me.

I touched it fur and the beast turned to me. " Stay with me." I whispered motioning Quinn to leave. He left the room confusely but I only wanted to sleep. I knew Adrian already sent for our team since he changed.

So some innocents won't catch any sight of the beast and it's work.

So I gathered a pillowed thrown on the floor and dipped my head in to it.

Then I snuggled to the beast and when I was warm enough I closed my eyes sleepily.

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